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Everything you need for a trick-or-treat away team

Sad Keanu strikes again

Remember this meme? Yeah, it's off limits this year. Also: Nyan Cat.

We'll admit it: we love costumes. We stock all sorts of props and accoutrements that aren't necessarily Halloween-themed but which might complement your costume this year. Here are a few easy costumes you can throw together with some of our items:

Doomed Away Team

Red Shirt

You and your friends can grab yourselves a Red Shirt and declare your expendability! Pair it with one of the Star Trek Insignia Pins for more realism. And one of you can hold up a sign that says, "Caution: Stand At Least 50 Ft. Back." For the females, the Star Trek Original Series T-Shirt Dress also comes in red, as do our Star Trek Uniform Creepers for the wee ones. And, of course, if you're a big group, you can fill out the ranks with our Star Trek TOS Tunic Tees, which we get straight from Roddenberry.

Shaun of the Dead Team Up

Ed's Shirt We recently picked up the officially-licensed Ed's "I Got Wood" Tee from Shaun of the Dead. You can pair it with Shaun's Foree Electric Uniform Shirt for a great two-person costume set. Throw in some Human Blood Caffeinated Energy Potion to stain your skin for realism. Note that if you get it on your clothing, it probably really will stain, so that's not such a great idea if you plan to wear the clothing again in non-zombie-hunting company. Also, you're on your own for the cricket bat.

Gryffindor Girl

Gryffindor House Babydoll Our bewitching juniors may want to grab the Gryffindor House Babydoll from Harry Potter. (We TRIED to get the other houses, but none of the other stores wanted them, so they were too expensive for our vendor to make. We'll keep trying. After all, T-Shirt Girl is a Ravenclaw.) Pair it with a Harry Potter Voice-Activated Wand Flashlight to light your wizard's way down the dark sidewalks, and Hermione's Time Turner if you want to turn back time and have Halloween again!

The Tenth Doctor

Tenth Doctor's Coat You know what's great about Halloween? It's right when the outside world starts to get cold. So getting a coat as part of a costume lets it double as your regular outerwear for the rest of the season. Our Doctor Who 10th Doctor's Coat from AbbyShot is for srs cosplayers. Pair it with a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver of the 10th Doctor for authenticity or go with Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver LED Flashlights if your personal Timelord might be stumbling over his or her coat while Trick or Treating. Can't have that. Although we hear Timelords' treat bags are bigger on the inside....

Option E: None of the Above

Anatomical Skeleton Shirt If none of these options tickle your fancy, ThinkGeek still has plenty of costumes and accessories for you to check out. We even have cupcake holders that look like skulls and shot glasses with skulls in them if the party's at your place. Hopefully we have something that's just right for your spooky night!

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meaningless icon! I want that 10th Doctor Coat, and you do have a better price then most others, but still out of my range. I may go with the Shaun shirt or brains beenie
iggzy said this 2805 days ago.
meaningless icon! I love the T Shirt how can i have them ?Ed's "I Got Wood" Tee
Gabfat said this 2802 days ago.

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