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Caution: Jimmy Within

Who ya Gonna call!

Who ya gonna call!? ...Abe Lincoln?

It's time to start planning awesome costumes and candy-acquisition strategy as Hallowe'en is only two weeks away! Before you panic, however, check out these distracting inspiring links. The internet is a rich source of mind-bogglingly weird ideas and we, of course, have found many of them for you.

(Anyone who dresses up as Abe Lincoln: Ghostbuster get serious points in our book!)

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

The hover text didn't make us tear up. We're allergic to something. Yeah. That's it. (XKCD)

Feynman, on beauty. (YouTube)

Sometimes, Extreme Monkey Powered Awesomeness is surprisingly adorable. (Supercat's Instagram)

When you're feeling down, think of these bear cubs. (YouTube)

GLaDOS is mean because SOMEONE keeps trying to kill her. (YouTube)

Grognardy. Say it with us, folks! (Gamasutra)

More proof that nature will do what she wants, when she wants. Awesome and scary. (YouTube)

I would look wary too, if I were in such imminent danger of falling over. (Super Punch)

Creepily realistic death masks, a bargain at half the price! (Real-f.jp)

Oh Jimmy. You rogue. Never change. (Twitpic)

Try to find the unexpected duckface. You wont regret it. (Flickr)

C3P0 is a dancing queen. We're not surprised. (YouTube)

Who ya gonna call? (Tauntr)

Self rescuing princess Leia and her Jedi companions. (Spot the ewok!) (anthonyherreradesigns)

Even though it's inaccurate, we can't help but imagine them with paintbrushes and sculpting tools. (i09)

Most. Delicious. Brains. Ever. And that's saying something! (Make)

WheeeeeBONK! (YouTube)

You can scramble it, solve it AND store stuff in it? Sold. We've got a new personal project. (Instructables)

Balloon TARDIS! (twistykristyballoontalk)

Excarvinate! EXCAAARVIIIINAAATE! (Evil Mad Scientist)

Presenting Real Steel II, attack of the kidbots! (YouTube)

That was a nice little journey. Now, pick up the sewing kit and soldering iron. These costumes wont make themselves!

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meaningless icon! I'm not getting the duckface one. Do I have to go through 21 pages of pictures?
CortJstr said this 2806 days ago.
meaningless icon! @CortJster Nope! Though it has rolled to the third page. For your amusement: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nightmaresfearfactory/6141528468/in/photostream
Raevyn W. said this 2806 days ago.

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