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Monkey tested, lapine approved!

So fluffy, yet so airborne.

Go for the gold, little guy!!

Neither earthquake nor hurricane can stop our insatiable thirst for bizarre and interesting internet culture. To the BatCave! I mean, the link list!

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

A 13-foot shark swimming down a flooded roa...Ah, that's a photoshop! Almost had us for a sec! (Helablog)

If you're out there, we could use some (rainbow powered) help. (YouTube)

A Geek's version of "Who's on first?" Well played, SMBC. Well played. (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Your Facebook status can wait. Really. (AnimalNewYork)

Sea Lampreys freaking out. File this under "Things I thought I'd never thought I'd want to see, but are actually kind of cool!" (YouTube)

Emergency Preparedness: Doing it Right. (Reddit)

I am not a robot, I am a unicorn. (YouTube)

Prettiest LOTR wedding cake EVER. (Facebook user Stephanie Martin)

Minecraft in real life. Want. To. Play. (BenPurdy.com)

Say it ain't so! (CBC News)

A Raiders of the Lost Ark exhibit? The world is finally starting to come around. (LA Times)

Urge to cuddle leaping bunny...rising! (NPR)

This creepy taxidermied exhibit still somehow manages to be whimsical. Though the whimsy doesn't eclipse the creepy. Egads. (YouTube)

Yeah, I'd say this one was her loss entirely. (Gizmodo)

Frakking awesome! (National Museum of American History)

Here's the recorded version of ThinkGeek's most recent Biweekly Mini Show of Awesome for everyone who missed it! (UStream)

Meet Bert, the Chuck Norris of cats. (YouTube)

You know you want a giant slingshot cannon too! (YouTube)

Doctor Who/Lonely Island mashup? Yes please! (NSFW unless you have headphones!) (YouTube)

After that mental swim, we're a little tired. Nap time now. Where's the Tauntaun?

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