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Colorful piscine phantoms, take me away!

Gives you hand cramps just looking at it, doesn't it?

The perils of the real-life reboot.

Ignore those cubicle walls for a moment. Forget that classroom. Imagine a world full of brightly colored transparent fish, loyal kitties and flavorful words. There you go. Breathe. Relax. Read on.

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

Sometimes life seems tough, then you realize that this world has transparent multicolored fish in it. (Gakuranman)

Women's hairstyles through history, all in the span of less than five minutes. (YouTube)

Now you can taste the flavor of your words. Awesomely weird. (Morskoiboy)

The skateboard scene from Back to the Future done in a cappella? Sure, why not? (YouTube)

Aliens. We suspect aliens. (DailyMail)

Most loyal moggie EVER. Also: Adorable. (Herald Sun)

Our TG knitters have a new project added to their list! Microprocessor socks! (Knitty)

Warp one, engage! (Reuters)

Solar powered processors? Yes, please! (CNN)

There may be a few ThinkGeek monkeys running away from the undead in Baltimore in October... (Run for Your Lives)

The water balloon is Monday. You, the guy. (YouTube)

Virtual monkeys on virtual keyboards have recreated Shakespeare. Excellent. *Steeplefingers* (Jesse Anderson)

Why is everyone here!? (YouTube)

Whatever you do, don't reboot! (YouTube)

Look at your cat, now at me! (YouTube)

The BT tower in London reminds us of something from a more...civilized age. (Flickr)

The Simpsons opening as done in Minecraft? That's it, internet. You're done. Go home. (YouTube)

Wampa shoes. Hairy, but at least they don't smell like a dead Tauntaun! (Adidas)

My Nyan-cat itches and my trollface hurts. I think I'm having a meme attack! (YouTube)

Thank you for the entertainment, internets! See ya next week!

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