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Click. Read. Be soothed.

Gives you hand cramps just looking at it, doesn't it?

43000 individual LEGO pieces. Fourty Three. THOUSAND.

Thursdays. They're not quite Fridays, though they're close. Like a tease of impending weekend fun.

To comfort you as you work the rest of the day with another workday looming on the horizon, we've decided to share you this week's most interesting links. Click. Read. Be soothed.

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

SIR Bruce Campbell, is it? (Imgur)

Spider cat! Spider cat! Does whatever a spider cat does! (YouTube)

DND for 8 year olds. Adorable yet still hardcore. (Art by Stowe)

Several sets of Nike Mag sneakers are being sold on EBay, all proceeds going to The Michael J Fox Foundation. Whoa. (EBay)

So we had a bit of flooding around ThinkGeek HQ last week... (YouTube)

Best Dad ever or BESTEST Dad ever!? (Lunchbag Art)

They make pillows with your FACE on them! Creepy? Y/N? (Pillow Mob)

Bad joke in 3...2...1... (Quick Meme)

Soon Twitter will drop "Promoted tweets" into your stream. Yay, ads! (Social Beat)

Pokemon themed drinks? Uh, Yes please! (The Drunken Moogle!)

If you're anywhere near Europe around the ends of the month, you might want to invest in a hardhat. (Space)

Raw talent, folks. (YouTube)

If your Time Kitty is pining for old Gallifrey, this is just the ticket. (The Happiness Patrol)

This charming robot plays music for you while only being vaguely creepy. (YouTube)

Oh wow, a WATER printer. Bonus: Now you have to pee. (YouTube)

Surprise, Bananas! (YouTube)

Um. This might get us off our butts and "exercising!" (Kickstarter)

Inspiration levels, rising! Must. Raid. LEGO. Stash. (Obvious Winner)

O is for Optimus Prime Obliterating Oompa Loompas (Flickr)

I. Am Timmy. Of BORG. SQUEE! (GeekaWeek)

Good MORNING! Time to wake up! (Helablog)

There, don't you feel better? Now, get back to work!

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meaningless icon! Holy mother of god
BAMAN said this 2561 days ago.
meaningless icon! DND dad! Sweet
AdamMB said this 2561 days ago.
meaningless icon! Skeleton flowers what I don't even.... O.O
BrennaCeDria said this 2561 days ago.

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