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Buttery, flaky, and perhaps slightly cuddly.

Quantum MAGIC!

You might want to take a piece from the outer edges first. No reason.

The internet's offerings this week were a strange mix of baked deliciousness and feral fierceness. We can't parse the relevance, but we're definitely entertained!

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

Who says they don't get along? (YouTube)

This surprises no one! Mm, Coffee. (BBC.co.UK)

The future is now! Maybe. Cross your fingers, folks! (NY Times)

The man who owns the largest collection of Daleks in the world isn't a Doctor Who fan. Craziness! (BBC.co.UK)

Jedi kittens strike back! Now with less tape! (YouTube)

We'll love you, lonely seal pup! (Dailymail)

A treat for the designerds out there! (Yizzle)

If anyone manages to build a holographic entertainment device, Apple will. (ThoughtGadgets)

Our dolphin overlords find another way to surprise us! (PopSci)

Omnomnom, Foot so good. (eat24hours)

What does it feel like to fly over the Earth? Awesome. It feels awesome. Look for the lightning! (Universe Today)

Nougat in disguise! (Laughing Squid)

The mating of the leopard slug. Slimily...fascinating. (YouTube)

Cakes with teeth! We knew they would get back at us someday. (HiFructose)

The Nyan-Deemer. YES. (YouTube)

An At-At for your face! (Jim's pancakes)

Great, now we need a fleet of Roombas. (Vimeo)

Fun fact: Cows hate RC cars. (YouTube)

"There are kids underneath my bed," Cried little baby monster Fred. (NPR)

So the claws WERE used to disembowel. Good to know! (DailyMail)

Is anyone else inspired to bake? No? Just us? Well okay then, but we get to eat all of the cookies ourselves.

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meaningless icon! i would so adopt that seal pup. GINGERS RULE!!
KayTheGeek said this 2525 days ago.
meaningless icon! I must say, cake sure as hell is the greatest invention ever.
Raximus said this 2525 days ago.
meaningless icon! These are Omazing!
Johnnyhasfleez said this 2524 days ago.
meaningless icon! They did it....
Jamesfrom180 said this 2521 days ago.

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