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September 2011 Archives

Gives you hand cramps just looking at it, doesn't it?

The perils of the real-life reboot.

Ignore those cubicle walls for a moment. Forget that classroom. Imagine a world full of brightly colored transparent fish, loyal kitties and flavorful words. There you go. Breathe. Relax. Read on.

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

Sometimes life seems tough, then you realize that this world has transparent multicolored fish in it. (Gakuranman)

Women's hairstyles through history, all in the span of less than five minutes. (YouTube)

Now you can taste the flavor of your words. Awesomely weird. (Morskoiboy)

The skateboard scene from Back to the Future done in a cappella? Sure, why not? (YouTube)

Aliens. We suspect aliens. (DailyMail)

Most loyal moggie EVER. Also: Adorable. (Herald Sun)

Our TG knitters have a new project added to their list! Microprocessor socks! (Knitty)

Warp one, engage! (Reuters)

Solar powered processors? Yes, please! (CNN)

There may be a few ThinkGeek monkeys running away from the undead in Baltimore in October... (Run for Your Lives)

The water balloon is Monday. You, the guy. (YouTube)

Virtual monkeys on virtual keyboards have recreated Shakespeare. Excellent. *Steeplefingers* (Jesse Anderson)

Why is everyone here!? (YouTube)

Whatever you do, don't reboot! (YouTube)

Look at your cat, now at me! (YouTube)

The BT tower in London reminds us of something from a more...civilized age. (Flickr)

The Simpsons opening as done in Minecraft? That's it, internet. You're done. Go home. (YouTube)

Wampa shoes. Hairy, but at least they don't smell like a dead Tauntaun! (Adidas)

My Nyan-cat itches and my trollface hurts. I think I'm having a meme attack! (YouTube)

Thank you for the entertainment, internets! See ya next week!

A wall of loot!

Canadian geeks, we have good news!

Due to overwhelming and quite understandable demand, our palletmonkeys Julie and Michelle have used their geeky prowess to acquire economy shipping for you!

You'll be seeing more of this soon.

Here are the details:

  • This new economy shipping is only available for small orders or light things, so you can't use it to ship a Tauntaun to Edmonton on the cheap. (Sorry!)
  • You will, however, be able to use it to ship a few t-shirts, a couple of books, and maybe a plush. Anything less than 5 pounds (aka 2.26796185 kg) or so.
  • There will be no tracking on these economically-shipped orders, so their arrival dates will be a happy surprise.
  • However, your package will be delivered via Canada Post, which from what we've heard from our Canadian counterparts is extremely convenient as compared to other methods.
  • It's pretty slow, but a LOT cheaper.

So there are pros, and there are cons, but all in all, we're thinking that this will save you a lot of moola. We've been looking forward to helping you guys with that for a LONG time.

So have fun with your soon-to-arrive loot, and let us know what you think!

P.S. If you venture southwards, please to be bringing delicious poutine? We love poutine. Also, bacon.

Quantum MAGIC!

You might want to take a piece from the outer edges first. No reason.

The internet's offerings this week were a strange mix of baked deliciousness and feral fierceness. We can't parse the relevance, but we're definitely entertained!

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

Who says they don't get along? (YouTube)

This surprises no one! Mm, Coffee. (BBC.co.UK)

The future is now! Maybe. Cross your fingers, folks! (NY Times)

The man who owns the largest collection of Daleks in the world isn't a Doctor Who fan. Craziness! (BBC.co.UK)

Jedi kittens strike back! Now with less tape! (YouTube)

We'll love you, lonely seal pup! (Dailymail)

A treat for the designerds out there! (Yizzle)

If anyone manages to build a holographic entertainment device, Apple will. (ThoughtGadgets)

Our dolphin overlords find another way to surprise us! (PopSci)

Omnomnom, Foot so good. (eat24hours)

What does it feel like to fly over the Earth? Awesome. It feels awesome. Look for the lightning! (Universe Today)

Nougat in disguise! (Laughing Squid)

The mating of the leopard slug. Slimily...fascinating. (YouTube)

Cakes with teeth! We knew they would get back at us someday. (HiFructose)

The Nyan-Deemer. YES. (YouTube)

An At-At for your face! (Jim's pancakes)

Great, now we need a fleet of Roombas. (Vimeo)

Fun fact: Cows hate RC cars. (YouTube)

"There are kids underneath my bed," Cried little baby monster Fred. (NPR)

So the claws WERE used to disembowel. Good to know! (DailyMail)

Is anyone else inspired to bake? No? Just us? Well okay then, but we get to eat all of the cookies ourselves.

Timmy and his self-sticker on our conference room door

If you ordered from us in the last month, you might have been miffed to find that the warehouse Stickerbot didn't lovingly tuck a Timmy sticker into your box.

Don't worry; the Stickerbot hasn't forgotten about you and will totally return your calls as soon as he gets a minute away from the box assembly office! We just ran out of Timmys for a bit, and they're back in stock as of September 13--with an important upgrade care of the nice folks at MapHook.

We have a new contest called the Sticker Map Project, and all it takes to enter is a photo of your Timmy sticker in its new home, where ever it may be.

How to enter our Sticker Map Project:

  1. Stick your Timmy and take a photo of its new home. (You may choose to apply it directly to the forehead for best results.)
  2. Log into MapHook via our main Sticker Map page here.
  3. Hook it in the "Geek Culture" category under "Timmy Sticker."

Each month we'll choose a random $100 gift certificate winner from that month's group. Pretty simple.

We hope the map fills out soon because the Timmys are looking a little lonely right now, and we want to see a vast, monkey-face fungus spread across the globe as he sticks himself to your laptops, doors, bumpers, cube walls, and cats.

Did we mention extra points for cats?

Gives you hand cramps just looking at it, doesn't it?

Please give a warm welcome to our September $1,000 charitable donation, DonorsChoose!

Ever since January earlier this year, we've pledged to donate $1,000 each month to a worthy charity. In the past nine months (has it really been that long?) we've given to: Child's Play, DonorsChoose classrooms, Red Cross, Autism Speaks (and we're working with ASAN now), Kids Need to Read, Make a Wish Foundation (plus a little something extra for Simon), FIRST, and some irresistible side projects, like our boxes of borked stuff, which is on-going.

Yep, we're donating to DonorsChoose again! Why are we donating to the same charity twice?

We can't resist a contest.

Check out what they posted to their Facebook wall:

Teachers! We know you spent the summer getting your classrooms ready for the school year and we want to see them!
Post a picture of your classroom to our wall by this Friday, September 24th, and you'll be entered to win one of twenty $50 gift certificates to ThinkGeek. (One entry per teacher!)

Did you hear that, teachers? We know that you're proud of your classrooms, so go show them off!

If you're not a teacher, don't think that you can't participate. Anyone can donate to DonorsChoose. There's no minimum donation, so don't feel sheepish about only donating a dollar or two. Every little bit helps, and reminds our teachers how much we <3 them.

Gives you hand cramps just looking at it, doesn't it?

43000 individual LEGO pieces. Fourty Three. THOUSAND.

Thursdays. They're not quite Fridays, though they're close. Like a tease of impending weekend fun.

To comfort you as you work the rest of the day with another workday looming on the horizon, we've decided to share you this week's most interesting links. Click. Read. Be soothed.

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

SIR Bruce Campbell, is it? (Imgur)

Spider cat! Spider cat! Does whatever a spider cat does! (YouTube)

DND for 8 year olds. Adorable yet still hardcore. (Art by Stowe)

Several sets of Nike Mag sneakers are being sold on EBay, all proceeds going to The Michael J Fox Foundation. Whoa. (EBay)

So we had a bit of flooding around ThinkGeek HQ last week... (YouTube)

Best Dad ever or BESTEST Dad ever!? (Lunchbag Art)

They make pillows with your FACE on them! Creepy? Y/N? (Pillow Mob)

Bad joke in 3...2...1... (Quick Meme)

Soon Twitter will drop "Promoted tweets" into your stream. Yay, ads! (Social Beat)

Pokemon themed drinks? Uh, Yes please! (The Drunken Moogle!)

If you're anywhere near Europe around the ends of the month, you might want to invest in a hardhat. (Space)

Raw talent, folks. (YouTube)

If your Time Kitty is pining for old Gallifrey, this is just the ticket. (The Happiness Patrol)

This charming robot plays music for you while only being vaguely creepy. (YouTube)

Oh wow, a WATER printer. Bonus: Now you have to pee. (YouTube)

Surprise, Bananas! (YouTube)

Um. This might get us off our butts and "exercising!" (Kickstarter)

Inspiration levels, rising! Must. Raid. LEGO. Stash. (Obvious Winner)

O is for Optimus Prime Obliterating Oompa Loompas (Flickr)

I. Am Timmy. Of BORG. SQUEE! (GeekaWeek)

Good MORNING! Time to wake up! (Helablog)

There, don't you feel better? Now, get back to work!

Quantum MAGIC!

Hey you! Yeah, you over there playing video games. Have you ever wanted to actually be a hero? C'mon, admit it. You have, we all have.

Have you ever heard of Extra Life? They're a Children's Miracle Network fundraiser that raises money via a yearly video game marathon, every October.

You heard us right, Video. Game. Marathon.

This is where the hero part kicks in. You can participate in this marathon on October 15, 2011. All you have to do is find 4 sponsors to donate $1 per hour each for a 24-hour long extravaganza, and you've earned your cape. No spandex required.

We love this idea.

It hits that sweet spot of both wanting to save the world, yet not wanting to stop playing video games to do it.

So we decided to help our friends out with a small gift as our October $1,000 donation, and we're telling you a little early so you can participate, too.

We're donating herd of twenty Tauntauns for Extra Life to twenty random Platinum members before the marathon, as a thank you for ponying up the extra fifteen dollars it takes to register. (Being Platinum helps Extra Life defray costs, so you're really donating more.)

If you sign up for Extra Life Platinum now, not only will you help the campaign get started, but there is a distinct chance that you'll be able to execute your heroic actions snuggled in the guts of a Tauntaun.

There really isn't any downside to this one. Play video games. Enjoy some geek cred. Save some kids. Potentially win a Tauntaun. It's all pretty awesome.

P.S. If you can't pony up the extra fifteen bucks for a Platinum Membership? There may still be a super-secret coupon code for you, after the marathon to thank you for participating. ALL heroes are awesome even non-platinum ones.

Quantum MAGIC!

Physicist? Wizard? Perhaps a little of BOTH.

Once again we prove that the internet is a font of interesting information. For example, the list of links below that we've gathered for you over the past week.

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

Women fighters in reasonable armor. Finally. (Womenfighters.tumblr)

Mario plus Portal? This might be the perfect game. (YouTube)

Help some hens stay warm! (Little Hen Rescue)

Now with extra "Nooooooooo!" (NY Times)

Help our friend Len Peralta fun Geek a Week series 2.0 via Kickstarter! (Kickstarter)

Cyborg Beetles. We would like to adopt a small herd, thanks! (PopSci)

Oh those tricksy iPhone prototypes. (SF Weekly)

The Legend of Zelda theme on Marimba. Yep, it's awesome! (YouTube)

Video Game Controllers EVOLVE! (PopChart Lab)

Proof that anything set to Lux Aeterna becomes a thousand times more epic. (YouTube)

Acapella Doctor Who theme, Steve Moffatt approved! (YouTube)

No more taking off shoes at the airport might mean faster security processing. Woot! (Atlantic Wire)

Sharper views of the Apollo landing sites, because we want to see every groove in that footprint. (NASA)

Delicious *Hic* Apples *Hic* Must. Have! (Asylum)

Turn up the volume. Trust us. (YouTube)

An Ecto-Cooler recipe! Finally! (Ghostbusters, Chicago Division)

We're going BACK...to the FUTURE! (NiceKicks)

Quantum physics, intricate armor, drunken ungulates, what's not to like?

Crabs plus Mel Brooks equals Happiness

Two bushels of crabs plus Mel Brooks = Happiness!

Operation Guillaume was a huge success! Because of your votes for Young Frankenstein, our jokes about candles will no longer be met with puzzled silence, and we will finally be able to rope Guillaume into singing "Putting on the Ritz" with the appropriate pitch. You also gave us good reason to take over part of a nearby courtyard and stuff our faces full of steamed crab and beer. So thanks, folks!

Guillaume's review of Young Frankenstein:

Young Frankenstein is certainly quite different from the movies that were selected before. The beginning was a little laborious and didn't appear immediately geeky, and while I definitely enjoy black and white movies I was surprised by this choice for a movie filmed in 1974. Once the story got established however, things got a lot more funny and the style chosen by Mel Brooks made a lot more sense. It makes me think oddly as a link between Chaplin's movies and the Princess Bride.

The first degree humor is actually quite similar to the one in some French comedy movies and it makes me think that I could subject the ThinkGeek crew to a geeky French movie someday without them getting too drowsy. I really enjoyed in particular Marty Feldman's performance - it makes me want to look at other movies he starred in. The Abby Normal joke (and the brain soap we sell) now make sense, and the whole scene was pretty hilarious.

I must admit that I looked up online after the movie to understand why the horses freaked out each time Frau Blucher's name was mentioned. Various places seem to agree that there's no deep explanation and that it's just for the comical effect, which worked as intended then as far as I'm concerned.

Also, I was expecting Elizabeth to fall for Igor at the end, not the monster. Actually, the end was not as predictable as I thought!

Lessons learnt that day:

  • Read the last page of any book of experiments. If it says "will turn into a monster and rampage through the town", improve the restraints.
  • I need to use liberally "you are talking about the nonsensical ravings of a lunatic mind".
  • Many crabs died to bring us this movie.
  • Carrie wields the metal mallet of crab crushing. If crabocalypse comes, I'm following her.

  • Next on the movie agenda: Ferris Bueller's Day Off!

So fluffy, yet so airborne.

Go for the gold, little guy!!

Neither earthquake nor hurricane can stop our insatiable thirst for bizarre and interesting internet culture. To the BatCave! I mean, the link list!

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

A 13-foot shark swimming down a flooded roa...Ah, that's a photoshop! Almost had us for a sec! (Helablog)

If you're out there, we could use some (rainbow powered) help. (YouTube)

A Geek's version of "Who's on first?" Well played, SMBC. Well played. (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)

Your Facebook status can wait. Really. (AnimalNewYork)

Sea Lampreys freaking out. File this under "Things I thought I'd never thought I'd want to see, but are actually kind of cool!" (YouTube)

Emergency Preparedness: Doing it Right. (Reddit)

I am not a robot, I am a unicorn. (YouTube)

Prettiest LOTR wedding cake EVER. (Facebook user Stephanie Martin)

Minecraft in real life. Want. To. Play. (BenPurdy.com)

Say it ain't so! (CBC News)

A Raiders of the Lost Ark exhibit? The world is finally starting to come around. (LA Times)

Urge to cuddle leaping bunny...rising! (NPR)

This creepy taxidermied exhibit still somehow manages to be whimsical. Though the whimsy doesn't eclipse the creepy. Egads. (YouTube)

Yeah, I'd say this one was her loss entirely. (Gizmodo)

Frakking awesome! (National Museum of American History)

Here's the recorded version of ThinkGeek's most recent Biweekly Mini Show of Awesome for everyone who missed it! (UStream)

Meet Bert, the Chuck Norris of cats. (YouTube)

You know you want a giant slingshot cannon too! (YouTube)

Doctor Who/Lonely Island mashup? Yes please! (NSFW unless you have headphones!) (YouTube)

After that mental swim, we're a little tired. Nap time now. Where's the Tauntaun?