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This post brought to you by Batman and CatBeard.

Nice bea..rd..?

When one cannot grow a leonine mane, one compensates.

Welcome to our massive list of fascinating links from around the web, which we've hand picked for you over the course of the past two weeks. It's been quite the journey. We've braved heat, trans-continental travel, huge crowds of geeks, and yet the internet presented us with this bounty of entertainment to enjoy during the lulls in activity. This, my friends, is why we adore the intertubes and everyone who resides there.

So click through and be entertained! There are some great and wondrous things in this list. Things that you cannot unsee, and likely would not want to.

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

Knights in armor smelled distinctly of BO. Ewwwww. (DiscoverMagazine)

Magnified cake sprinkles look like massive, delicious planets. (Carenalpert fine art)

Nine space stars who should have actually gone into space. (MSNBC)

Higgs Boson hints also seen by US lab. (BBC)

One wonders how much of this one could eat and still manage to get work done effectively. (Imgur)

Google Plus is trying to keep things civil...by removing anonymity. (Gigaom)

The world's 10 craziest sammiches. (Shortlist)

Video games as vintage pulp fiction novels. Stunning. (ComicsAlliance)

Our geeklings are plotting to take over the world, with Science! (Scientific American)

Shiro the cat loves baskets and hats. (Neatorama)

Leisure diving; the cool kid's version of planking. (Leisure Dive)

A Doctor Who themed bar in Brooklyn!? Road trip time! (Girl Gone Geek)

BatMath! (imgur)

BatDANCE! (YouTube)

We welcome our giant, fungal masters. (BBC)

Talk about an ecological way to despose of your own remains. Wow! (New Scientist)

And now for something completely different! CatBeard. (Catasters)

is this some sort of reverse Turing Test? (Slacktory)

What if our favorite video game characters looked like their voice actors? (Dorkly)

The Doctor has a posse. (Buzzfeed)

It's a tiny, knit Dalek in a plant! (Flickr)

Take a break from scavenging the wastelands to enjoy an ice cold Nuka Cola. You deserve it! (YouTube)

This joke is both funny and not funny at the same time. (Dork Tower)

Can you read twitter like the Matrix? The Pentagon wants YOU! (NY Times)

Ever wonder what 10,000 matchbox cars racing through a model city would look like? (YouTube)

Targeting ads to an audience of...monkeys? (Boston.com)

A Swedish guy tries to build a nuclear reactor in his kitchen. It didn't turn out so well. (Business Insider)

Slow down: Superhero Crossing. (Web Urbanist)

Illegally parked? CRUSHINATE. (Small World News Service)

It's a mariachi band serenading a delighted beluga whale. You don't see this sort of thing every day. (YouTube)

There, you've survived! Now don't you feel refreshed?

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meaningless icon! Those vintage novels covers are just brilliantly brilliant. Do I spy a Shadow of the Colossus (a.k.a. my favorite game of all time) reference?
CornNerd said this 2872 days ago.

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