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This is where we fail the Turing test

The more you know!

A meteorite burns up upon atmospheric entry, courtesy of @Astro_Ron

After finding so many awesome links about robotics, static electricity and SETI this week, we're inspired to do SOMETHING with all of these rogue components laying around. Perhaps we should build Timmy a real mech suit?

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

Wheatley cosplay puppet! Watch the magic happen. (Furincosplay at Blogspot)

3D movies proven to cause headaches. Eep. 2D glasses for all? (Guardian)

If looks could kill. (YouTube)

Please tell us that your password is not Correct Horse Battery Staple now? (XKCD)

Star Wars characters are going to be featured on the actual currency of Niue! (Telegraph)

Galaxy class starships? I only live on fixed-gear space stations. (HipsterStarTrek.Tumblr)

Savory, Salty, greasy...desserts? (Sweet-Station)

There's a MarioKart reference in here somewhere. (NPR)

A dog/porcupine hybrid? (YouTube)

Jodie Foster helps SETI in it's efforts to bring the Allen Telescope Array back online. Thank you, Jodi! (LaTimes)

But will they call it "Moogle"? (Wired)

What a Shooting Star looks like from space. Wow. (@Astro_Ron on Twitter)

The best Comic-Con proposal ever. Seriously, wait until the end, it's worth it. (YouTube)

8-Bit dance party! WOO! (YouTube)

Creepy robot head squawks lyrics in your general direction. (NewScientist)

If the TARDIS landed in a 70's disco (and its chameleon circuit was working), this is what it'd look like. (How to be a Retronaut)

27% of companies track employee social media use; 71% block it at work. (Social Times)

Best beer billboard bever (AdWeek)

Fanbois just need a hug (ArsTechnica)

Solitaire win sculpture!? (Skrekkogle)

Thanks for joining us on this inspirational and slightly creepy journey through the internets. If you see Timmy in a giant robotic suit, wave!

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meaningless icon! Is it sad that I have literally seen more than half of these links already? Maybe @thinkgeek and I follow the same people... @loyaleagle
Jimmy Rogers said this 2859 days ago.
meaningless icon! Totally possible, Jimmy! We're pretty cosmopolitan netizens and read a lot of popular blogs, forums and aggregate sites. Or maybe it's just that you follow us and click through on our links? Because all of these links are ones we've posted to Twitter or Facebook this week past. That could totally be it.
Raevyn W. said this 2859 days ago.

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