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ThinkGeek Monkeys are shaken, not stirred

Yeah, I'd have that look of awe, too.

Chell? Is that you?

This week's link roundup is so full of Portal goodness that we can practically feel the crackling electricity in the air around us. Either that or it's a side effect of Tuesday's earthquake. Regardless, we're highly entertained.

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

Portal: No Escape. An amazing live action short film by Dan Trachtenberg. (YouTube)

Best wedding photos EVER. Scroll down. Trust us. (Mlkshk)

Time to tweet "I'd love a million dollars!" (Shankman.com)

Where's Wall-E? Also, Squee at all of the robots! (Imgur)

We'll be at the Crystal Screen in Crystal City, VA on the 29th to see 2001 - A Space Odyssey. Locals, join us! (Crystal City)

How to make a LOL Shield, as instructed by super awesome Sylvia! (YouTube)

TikiDalek: IN-E-BRI-ATE! IN-E-BRI-ATE! (Cory Doctorow Flickr, GruntZooki)

Watch Brent Spiner imitate Patrick Stewart with stunning and hilarious accuracy. (YouTube)

TRON. Duct tape. How could this go wrong? (Watch until the end!) (Vimeo, Ryactive)

Check out this incredible shade illusion. Mind. Boggling. (YouTube)

This creepy puppet dances better than we ever could! (YouTube)

That logo looks...familiar. (BoingBoing)

If only this wasn't a parody! We'd totally fly out there. (MyGreenLake)

Click. Enter your home town. Move map. Ooooh! (Rorschmap)

And the most amusing parent award goes to: This Guy! (YouTube)

What students don't know. (Inside Higher Ed)

A most elaborate Portal Proposal. This is incredible, folks! (YouTube)

So we had our first Earthquake at TGHQ on Tuesday, which was both scary and fun! Of course, our friend Bad Astronomer found a way to let us watch the earthquake ripple across the U.S. (Bad Astronomy at Discover Magazine Blogs)

GameStop opened Deus Ex boxes, removes free game code. (ArsTechnica)

This. Is a GOURD. (Flickr user Calabarte)

Cat Tree, Warp Nine. Engage! (Imgur)

And finally, to make your day complete: A tortoise cart. (YouTube)

That's all of the links we have for this week, adventurers! Stay safe out there.

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