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A perfect balance of science and delicious

Nice bea..rd..?

Caaaake frooom Spaaaaaace!

This week's link roundup is the perfect balance of science and deliciousness. Which makes sense, because of all of the wondrous science involved in baking delicious treats. So please, enjoy these chemically balanced tidbits from around the intertubes.

Links from the Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

NPR asks us to vote for the top 100 Fantasy and Sci-Fi titles...but lets us make only 10 selections. Cruel and unusual punishment! (NPR Books)

A Portal Space Core CAKE! (Flickr user Sharkhats)

The scientific process is logical, methodical and...What the? FFFFUUUUUU! (ElectronCafe)

This might be exactly how one dances to dubstep. (YouTube)

The Juno spacecraft, bound for Jupiter, totally carried three LEGO minifigs on board. Awesome! (NASA)

Well. They found the perfect ringbearer! (YouTube)

The Star Wars Universe is delicious and crunchy. (Metro Reporter)

Guess who is going to be on a panel at Interventioncon this weekend! (Interventioncon)

Boosting the signal: A fellow Whovian needs our help! (Weeping-Angel Tumblr)

Hair growing backward time lapse straddles the border of weird yet cool. (Vimeo)

A new Sci-fi movie got us all excited because at first it seemed that it was set in the Firefly universe. (The Westmorland Gazette)

Though as it turns out, we were all mistaken. Alas. (i09)

These severed head bowling balls aren't for sale, but they are disgustingly awesome. (Design Made in Germany)

Balloon fashion is oddly attractive. (YouTube)

So our DNA building blocks can be made in space...WERE they? Great question! (NASA)

Here, have a sanity break: Enjoy a song about D&D by Allie Goertz (YouTube)

May the Cumulus be with you! (Discover Magazine)

There was a giant solar flare on the 9th! Whoa. (Universe Today)

It's Perseid time again! Look to the skies Friday August 12th! (NASA)

The Dismayed face on the star being sucked into the black hole is the best part. (Geekcrafts Livejournal Community)

It's a penguin! It's a typewriter! it's a typewriter penguin! (Jemayer Tumblr)

100% Zen, 0% photoshop. (YouTube)

Mario and Luigi not only know how to jitterbug, but are apparently quite good. (YouTube)

Baby mouth-clops says WAKE UP! (BoingBoing)

Sorry about springing that last link on you. Perhaps you can find us a unicorn chaser? We...might need one.

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