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Maru-Chan's fuzzy belly cures all ills

Exhausted Maru manages adorableness

Exhausted Maru. Even boxes cannot tempt him this day.

It's been hot again this week here at ThinkGeek HQ, so we're just going to leave this long list of links for you while we go lay on our backs like Maru to try to stay cool.

Links from The Twitter and Facebook 'Verse:

Maru exemplifies exhaustion, fluffiness. (YouTube)

Sarah has to be one of the most awesome kids in the known universe to have requested THIS cake for her birthday. (Cakewrecks)

Marian Call's "Good Morning Moon", written for waking up astronauts as well as sleepy terrestrials. (Marian Call/Bandcamp)

Steve Ballmer wants you to give it up for him. (YouTube)

Seagull steals Go Pro camera, takes amazing aerial shots, hornks triumphantly. (YouTube)

The Supreme Court strikes down a law restricting video game sales to minors stating that it would violate the First Amendment right to free speech. (Ars Technica)

Mind control goes wireless, is fashionable. (Discover)

How to make a book light from an actual book. Nifty! (Grathio Labs)

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago wants YOU to be its roommate! Really! (msichicago.org)

We need a photo of a car with Millennium Falcon plates driving down this street. Stat. (Google Maps)

Super Street Fire, Turbo Championship Edition (Ulule)

We might have to paper the walls with this David Tennant Fright Night poster. (SFX)

With Sense-roid, you can cuddle with yourself! (YouTube)

Monty Python and the holy Fight Club. (YouTube)

Why female armor sucks. Pinching! (Laughing Squid)

Splitscreen: A Love Story. (YouTube)

The Journey of the Fellowship; in LEGO. (mocpages)

Pork Chop the cat has his human well trained. (YouTube)

Animals being...jerks. (animalsbeingdicks.com)

Our Web Community Monkey is going to be on a panel at Interventioncon! (interventioncon.com)

Candied Bacon Ice cream? YUM! (davidlebovitz.com)

ThinkGeek makes caffeinated donuts, is energized for a week. (YouTube)

Excuse me, but whose Bear Urine is this? (NationalGeographic)

Tiny cameras on fireworks? Genius! (YouTube)

Darth Hairdryer. Enough said. (Behance.net)

the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module office has a very familiar face on it's logo. (NASA)

Return to the Carina Nebula. (Spacetelescope)

Harry Potter vs. Star Wars. (Ufunk)

Kim Hyun's Dice Figures are eerily cool. (the Uniblog)

Lou the chinchilla beckons you to the Dark Side (ThinkGeek)

Brass and Lace is making Timmy a frighteningly fetching Wil Wheaton-esque clown sweater. Yay! (BrassandLace)

Enjoy the many faces of the running basset hound. (Buzzfeed)

Game of Thrones violin cover (YouTube)

The color clock, representing time as a hexadecimal color value. (thecolourclock.co.uk)

Transparent rugs rug. Gorgeously colorful. (BoingBoing)

My summer at an Indian call center (MotherJones)

Hope you enjoyed all that clicking! Now go outside, get some sun and practice running around like a basset hound.

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