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Have you honored your SysAdmin today?

Honor your those who keep you plugged in!

We're nearly there! Sysadmin day is a mere four days away, so if you haven't nominated your favorite Sysadmin yet, it's time to get your butt in gear lest they figure out what you're not up to. Trust us, they surely know about both the contest and the entries (or lack thereof) for them, so it's likely in the best interest of your internet-surfing habits to make sure that their name is in there somewhere.

To inspire you while you compose this ode to your personal cable-slinger, wander over to The Mary Sue's post, or Geekosystem's post on the Sysadmin contest (They kindly offered to help us pick our winners, isn't that awesome?) They've posted snippets of some of their favorite entries. And there have been some great ones. Seriously. One entrant actually wrote a SONG for her SysAdmin.

No really, look:

There I was just a-running along,
Listenin' to my favorite song.

And then.....Nothing

Standin' on the street,
Feelin' confused.
Thought that I was too good to feel abused.
We were not amused.

But did you give up, and let me walk away?
No, you had something more helpful to say.

You said, ""Toggle""
I said, ""Who-gle?""
You said, ""Toggle""
What's a toggle?
You said, ""Try it.""
So I tried it.
And now, I can't deny it.

Thank you for helping me fix my iPod,
I'll admit.
I'm an idiot.
When it comes to things that flash,
When it comes to things that blink,
When it comes to things that crash,
When it comes to things that clink,

I can't think.
So, for this moment of musical bliss,
You are overdue,
For my biggest,
My finest,
My fanciest and shiniest,
Thank you.
So, Thank you.

Another one of our personal favorites:

My sysadmin is a jerk.

Don't get me wrong, he means well. But it seems like he's flying by the seat of
his pants most of the time, that he has no idea what he's doing.

He probably doesn't.

He's irritable from working long hours to perform tasks that won't mean a whole lot to anyone else. He calls people names and sometimes he makes them feel small. He's one of those "the beatings will continue until morale improves" kind of people. It's a pain working with my sysadmin.

It will work out though. He does care and he is genuinely trying to help. He's trying to make a better life for himself, his family, and his friends. My sysadmin is attempting to solve problems that drive people nuts and help other sysadmins make smart decisions. Because of all that, I think I'll be able to put up with him.

So, my sysadmin is a well intentioned, capital J E R K, jerk.

My sysadmin is me.

Feeling inspired? Good! Head on over to the Official Contest Page to place your entry for either your Sysasmin or yourself (Yep, you can enter to with a $500 gift certificate of your very own!), and to see the list of the shiny goodies that your Sysadmin can will win.

On July 28th at midnight EST the contest will officially end, and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter. So get in while the getting is good!

Good luck everyone!

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meaningless icon! My sys is too small for a sys admin My brain is too small for the programin' My sys sits old, the new sits cold I need a nerd, the software to mold.
anarkissed said this 2615 days ago.
meaningless icon! I like the 1st one
xRoyin said this 2615 days ago.
meaningless icon! Second one was pretty great, too! Self-depreciating! I like it!
JTD121 said this 2613 days ago.
meaningless icon! These are great! SysAdmins rock!
Bugsmoocher said this 2613 days ago.

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