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Choose your own Comic-Con adventure

Timmy and snowsuit in a crocheted Tauntaun costume by Mara Saxer

Timmy in a snowsuit in an amazing crocheted Tauntaun by Mara Saxer. There are no words.

There's still so much to do before we leave TG HQ for San Diego Comic-Con tomorrow: update the photos from Timmy's live costume unboxing Ustream, including that jaw-dropping Tauntaun above; pack said costumes for a carry-on because this year they're not getting stuck on a train; ritualistically iron our snazzy new "ThinkGeek Staff" t-shirts so we'll be easy to find; and plot the panels we'll want to stake out.

Now here's where it gets interactiveTM. Choose your own Comic-Con adventure:

SDCC goers, rejoice! We've already shipped over a ginormous box of freebies of everything from Annoy-a-trons to Legolas plushes. We don't want to ship any of it back home, so we're counting on you to relieve us of our goodies. There will even be a super-secret ninja chance to win a $200 gift certificate, but you have to attack us IRL to find out how.

In order to make Timmy photo ops and freebie acquisition easier, we've compiled a schedule we're calling "Stop Walking and Sit Still for a Minute this Year, ThinkGeek!"

No, we won't have a dedicated booth, but we're be squatting with the nice folks at Comic Images (booth 3200 aisle across from the Hasbro booth), and we'll be hanging out in that area when we're not at panels, eating, sleeping, drinking--um, "having a good time," or at any of these other fine places we have scheduled:

Wednesday 7/20

2pm to 5pm, booth setup at Comic Images (3200 aisle across from the Hasbro booth)
Only if you're setting up a booth, too! We'll be around Preview Night as well; watch @thinkgeek for updates.

Thursday 7/21

1:30pm, signing with Geek A Week artist Len Peralta, Comic Images booth (3200 aisle across from the Hasbro booth)
4:30pm, Quantum Mechanix (booth 2944)
5:30pm, League of Extraordinary Ladies party, Bristol Hotel
7:00pm, w00tstock, Balboa Theater, and a flash signing with Len during/after show

Friday 7/22

10:30am, Mark Dos Santos (booth 5559)
4:30pm, tokidoki (booth 4731)
6:45pm, RiffTrax Live
Sometime after 7pm, Geek Girls Network party, Vin de Syrah

Saturday 7/23

11:00am, Batton Lash and Exhibit A Press (booth 1909)
1:00pm, Bonnie Burton signing at Del Rey/Random House
6:00pm, San Diego Zombie Walk
9:00pm, Lucasfilm party

Sunday 7/24

11:00am, Scott Shaw! (booth I-8)
2:00pm, Browncoats with Marian Call
4:00pm, Comic Images booth (3200 aisle across from the Hasbro booth)

Some of the panels we'd like to attend are the obvious ones--Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, The Guild, Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Mythbusters--and though it's unlikely you'll spot us in those huge rooms, we hope you'll stop by to say hello if you do.

If you're not going to SDCC and have no hope of finding us, we'll try to entertain you with photos and things via Twitter and Facebook and G+, but not too much. We know how obnoxious it can be to watch your friends goofing off when you're stuck writing TPS reports. (Don't forget the new cover sheet, mkay?) But do brace yourself for some epic cosplay. Because there will be that.

Speaking of cosplay, if you missed the Timmy costume unboxing stream, it's posted now for your squeeing pleasure. It took about an hour to get through the 30+ boxes, but it's worth the watch--there's a lot of creativity and hard work on display, and our squees were not rehearsed. We'll update our SDCC costume Flickr album tonight with these new costumes, and a trillion heartfelt thanks to those who contributed. July is truly our favorite month to get mail.

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meaningless icon! That is the most amazing tauntaun costume for Timmy :D Fantastic work!
toxiclight said this 2619 days ago.
meaningless icon! Could you guys post a link and/or pictures of Timmy in each of the Doctor's costumes? I'd really like to see that...
RissaReno said this 2618 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thanks for using the picture of my tauntaun, and for the nice comments! I'm so pleased people like it. If people want tauntauns of their own, below is a link to my blog where I'll be posting a how-to, and where there are more photos of it and other things I make. http://maramas.wordpress.com/
Maramas said this 2616 days ago.

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