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Are you for or against our new gelatin overlords?

Wriggly AND mind-altering!

This Jello wants to influence your memory.

My gods, it's full of gelatin!
This weeks links have a surprising trend towards the edible and jiggly. While we're not actually saying anything about the world domination plans of said wobbly overlords, we have our suspicions.

In non-jiggly news, we're currently at SDCC so if you're at the con, check out our previous post to figure out where we are and come tackle us!

Links from The Twitter and Facebook 'verse:

There is a jelly that can interact with our cells!? We're doomed. (Wired)

10 hours of Epic Sax Guy. You're welcome. (YouTube)

If Epic Sax Guy isn't your cup of tea, try 10 hours of Mario! (YouTube)

The weather in Chicago is cloudy with a chance of HADOUKEN! (ObviousWinner)

Christopher Walken reads us The Three Little Pigs. Bonus: That Sweater! (YouTube)

Star Wars is SO metal! (YouTube)

A laser glove that can actually set things on fire!? Yeah, we'd sign that waiver. (YouTube)

Walk without rhythm, and you wont attract the worm. (BoingBoing)

This acapella soundtrack to a scene from Star Wars Ep. 1 is just too fitting. (YouTube)

We recorded the unboxing of 30 Timmy costumes for you, Enjoy! (UStream)

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure, a videogame created by a five year old geekling and her dad. You know you want to play. (Untold Entertainment)

We want to give these guys some of our lightsabers, if only for the *Fsshsh* *Craasssh* sound effects. (YouTube)

Warning, you will need a Unicorn Chaser after viewing this link. Though it's kind of worth it. (E-Bay)

Atlantis un-docks from the space station for the last time. *Sniffle* (NASA)

It's dangerous to go alone! Here, print one of these! (Imgur)

Who knew that Jello was so scarily versatile! (Boing Boing)

Paco. Possibly the bravest chihuahua ever. (YouTube)

That's all for now, superfriends. Enjoy whatever it is you're doing, and stay cool out there.

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meaningless icon! my father is the king of all geekdom he shall defeat these gelatin overlords with one swift movement of his hand. I bid you farewell,evil jello. (oh,and by the way......FIRST)
SonoftheSuperGeek said this 2610 days ago.

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