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Epic battles at an anime convention? We've dreamed of this day.

Twin warglaives. Never a good way to go.

Twin warglaives. Never a good way to go.

This week's link roundup is EXTRA long due to it actually being a two week roundup! (Miss us?) So sit back, relax and please try to not sprain a finger with all of the clicking.

Links from The Twitter and Facebook 'Verse:

Cosplayers get special effects thanks to Epic Anime Time! (YouTube)

We'd like to imagine that the Doctor simply came back for his TARDIS, which he had briefly loaned out. (kfor.com)

What are these weird-looking fro...ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD. (National Geographic Daily)

Nyan TARDIS! (YouTube)

AFK Tavern has the geekiest drink references on the planet! We must go! Road trip anyone? (Buzzfeed)

They even created a boozy and caffinated Timmy dessert! Doesn't it look delicious? (AFKTavern.com)

Robin Williams, Zelda fan since 1987. (YouTube)

Sauron's starry night. (Dorkly)

Cave Johnson here with a list of my own quotes. You may catch on fire while reading them, as we have decided that you will be our first test subjects for a spontaneous human combustion visual trigger prototype. Enjoy! (CaveJohnsonHere.com)

The real Captain Picard day was June 16th, but it is every day in our hearts. (YouTube)

Ken would like a Dalek for his birthday. Help him out? (asitecalledfred.com)

Harley, the ThinkGeek office pibble goes mad for bubbles! (YouTube)

A Spongebob Squarepants mushroom? Yeah, actually, it kind of fits! (Physorg)

Rory Williams is the new Chuck Norris. Discuss. (Reddit)

Deep Fried Kool Aid. This has ignited our curiosity. (SignOnSanDiego)

An entire elephant consisting of duct tape. This is relephant to our interests. (wtam)

This Gorilla has better moves than anyone at ThinkGeek HQ (edmontonjournal)

NPR wants you to nominate the best sci-fi and fantasy books. You know you want to do this! (NPR.org)

Ten things you probably didn't know about Star Wars. (i09)

The Geek's ABCs! (DeviantArt)

Weird Al Yankovic wanders into the uncanny valley. (YouTube)

Mr. Meme! (The Daily What)

Nibble the duckling just cannot seem to stay awake! (YouTube)

Naiko has four prosthetic paws, plays fetch, is adorable. (YouTube)

Japan develops a swimming, remote controlled endoscope. Fascinating and slightly disconcerting, all at the same time! (Yahoo news)

Hope you enjoyed our little journey around the internets! Remember to stay cool, stay geeky, and to always tip your waitress on the way out.

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meaningless icon! Okay, perform this way was the weirdest al yankovic song i've ever heard.
Bobberpi said this 2644 days ago.

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