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BLURGH! The ThinkGeek Blog... Grok It!

It was a triumph! We're making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS!

Marian in silhouette

Marian Call in silhouette, photographed by the immensely talented Brian G.

So one day we got a really nice tweet from Joe Peacock complimenting us on our Akira-inspired catalog cover, which made sense as he's the owner and curator of the Art of Akira Exhibition. He mentioned how awesome it would be to come to ThinkGeek HQ to do a show and offhandedly said that it would be extra-great if Singer-Songwriter-Amazing-Performer Marian Call performed at the same time. She replied, there was plotting, and suddenly we had the Marian Call Outdoor Concert and Art of Akira Exhibit Show-geekout planned for late June.

ThinkGeek HQ buzzed with excitement as we started actively planning, first to have a food truck serve the show, then for the rest of the little details. We dusted the Mutant Jello, strung ethernet cables, and generally set things up to look extra perfect for the event itself.

The first to land at ThinkGeek HQ was Joe Peacock. He brought a posse who soon began running hither and yon carrying picture frames and smartphones and slices of pizza. After the dust of setup settled, framed artwork was hung on once-bare walls, tables were full of invitingly open portfolios containing actual animation cels from Akira, and Kaneda's jacket hung from the open door with calculated nonchalance.

Marian Call showed up not that long after, later than she'd planned due to the joys of D.C. traffic. She started setting up at the tent we'd gotten for her, going right into sound checks and tweeting the details. Around sunset she officially went on stage to sing the songs we know and love, interspersing verse and chorus with quips about Firefly, large guns and assault with woodwind instruments. The crowd of geeks that we'd summoned watched with Jayne hats upon their heads, calling out for braaains when Marian requested and generally having what appeared to be a rollicking good time.

The only pauses in the bawdy jokes, singing, and art-gazing were to eat. When we called Stix with the hope that they'd be willing to drive their truck of deliciously grilled food-on-sticks down to us for the event we had no idea of what we were in for until the smells of jerked chicken, lemon-pepper shrimp and red potatoes wafted on the wind. Everything was so delicious that many of us went back for seconds and thirds and stuffed their tip jar, which actually had to be emptied at least once because it was too full. Good job, everyone!

Local geek Dave from Maphook also showed up with a grin on his face and a car full of sodas and hydrating water, all given out freely. He handed out stickers graced by the art of Mary Varn of NPC comic fame, entertained us with quips of his own and stuck around to hang out and help clean up, too.

Spending time with over a hundred amazing geeks here in meatspace and online honestly felt like we were hanging out with a large group of friends. We had so much fun that we'd like to do this again. However in the wake of such an amazing show we're flummoxed about how to top it. Please help us out with suggestions!

Huge thanks to everyone who came and helped out, but especially to Marian Call, Joe Peacock, Stix, and Dave from Maphook! You all made the night awesome!

P.S. If you missed the show during the live cast on UStream, you can watch it here.

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