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Adam Savage Cage Dancing (and other cool things)

Cutest intergalactic hitchhiker EVER.

This adorable intergalactic hitchhiker is the geekling of Facebook user Sarah Goldman Nelson. Thank you for letting us cute-attack our blog readers!

We here at ThinkGeek HQ know that you can't read Twitter and Facebook ALL of the time no matter how much you try or how badly you want to. With all of the links to cool stuff that we post, some of them are sure to get lost in the flood and cannot be easily found again to reference. So for your perusing convenience we're starting a weekly best-of link post in this here Blurgh that is static and easily find-able. Let us know what you think about this shiny new concept, and enjoy the linky goodness!

Links from The Twitter and Facebook 'Verse:

Adam Savage dancing in a Faraday cage while Tesla coils play the Doctor Who theme. (YouTube)

80% surveyed say geeks more accepted than 15 years ago. (GeekDad)

Seventeen lost Egyptian pyramids found! (BBC World News)

One pyramid lost. Alas. (YouTube)

Towel Day was Wednesday! Here's a complied list of the very best Towel Day pics! (as tweeted & Facebooked to @Thinkgeek)

Ford, you are turning into a penguin. Stop it. (Whosname)

Chewbacca and an Ewok rock out to Guns n Roses (YouTube)

Towel Day - Celebrating the life and work of Douglas Adams (Towelday)

New Bacteria lives on Caffeine!? We can get behind this! (Scientific American)

RetroPeachy's 8-bit dorkily awesome ringtones. (Soundcloud)

A whole bunch of new species! T-Rex leech? Awesome! (Dailymail)

AP Stylebook adds another 21 words: Unfriend, Unfollow, Check in. (MP Daily Fix)

Zombie Truffles, Deliciously gory! (Instructables)

Wookie Bento! (ICanHazCheezburger)

Chris Hardwick (@Nerdist) to develop BBC America show based on Nerdist podcast. (Hollywood Reporter)

The Gillenium Falcon is serving nerdily delicious eats on wheels! (Reddit)

Phishing and Malware Emails Posing as Apple and the iPhone 5 Launch (Macrumors)

Imperial Shuttle / Arrival of the Emperor...in LEGOs! (Mocpages)

Star (Brand) Wars! (How to Carve Roast Unicorn)

That's it for this week, folks! Have fun and websurf safely!

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