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April 2011 Archives

Attention ThinkGeek donate-bots!

You have two more days to vote for your favorite charity from our short list for May: Cooking with the Troops, Kids Need to Read, or Rainbow Wildlife Rescue. You don't have to vote, but then again--do you really want to make Chester angrier than he already is? (And yes, that's a facehugger on a tribble. Don't ask.)

The winning charity will receive a donation from us for $1,000--and you'll be entered to randomly win a $50 gift certificate. Vote below by midnight ET on April 30!

Obligatory note before it gets asked in the comments: Please only vote once. If you've voted in the last several weeks since we launched this poll, you're entered. Our phasers are set to vaporize duplicate votes.

And we have a follow up to last month's autism charity donation. Thanks to all who recommended the Autistic Self Advocacy Network for future support, we reached out to a local Northern Virginia chapter, who put us in touch with ASAN's president, Ari Ne'eman.

We spoke on the phone yesterday and it looks like we'll be able to pitch in some goodies for their 5 year anniversary later this year in November, and perhaps partner up for something special next April! We'll talk more about that later.

So, if you haven't voted for May yet, get on that:

UPDATE 5/2/11 1:24pm ET: Voting has closed! We're tabulating the winning charity now and will randomly choose our gift certificate winner shortly. We'll have an new blog post after the winners have been determined.

We would like to apologize to everyone who ordered a Chocolate Zombie Bunny between 11:45am and 2:25pm ET on Wednesday, April 13.

We can be so accurate because that is exactly how long they were available before they sold out.

Some of those lucky zombie orderers started contacting us on Tuesday with some not so lucky news: the bunnies were a little more horrific than intended when delivered. In fact, some bunnies were completely melted and disfigured beyond even Walking Dead standards, while others were beheaded--and what's the fun in a zombie bunny that's already been double-tapped?

In other words, they were damaged in transit. Part of the blame goes to springtime rearing its pleasant, balmy head, plus white chocolate's relatively low bunny-melting point.

But there's a lot we could have done better with the packaging to prevent breakage, smearing, and eyeball loss. The boxes weren't deep enough to keep the bunnies from doing a faceplant into the plastic window, and the bunnies are so heavy they came unglued from the back, permitting maximum slippage.

Pair all that with less than ideal shipping conditions--placed loosely in a shipping box, then drop kicked by your friendly delivery guy--and you can see why the zombie bunnies had such a tough time. We may as well have shipped them with cricket bats.

We've learned from our first foray into the dangerous world of candy procurement, and future reincarnations of the Chocolate Zombie Bunny will be completely repackaged. This was a product spawned for April Fool's Day turned real in a rush, and needless to say we regret not taking the time to get it right.

So if you received only parts of a zombie bunny--or a puddle of zombie bunny, as it were--please grab your order number and let us know by calling 1-888-GEEKSTUFF, live chatting on the site, or emailing us and we'll refund your order, including shipping. And if you're on the East Coast (where it's still a little on the chilly side) and would like an unharmed replacement, we have less than 100 solid bunnies here at ThinkGeek HQ standing by.

We know that for the majority of you, that means no replacement bunnies in time for Easter, and that's especially frustrating because chocolate rabbits really only make sense once a year. We're really sorry about the timing and wish we were able to make a fix in time, but with the box upgrades and how long it takes to make the bunnies--well, we hope you'll forgive us for a less zombified basket this year.

That means you have 12 months to develop a full complement of tiny candy chainsaws, bats, machetes, and shotguns. One can never be too prepared.

Way back in February we asked you guys to share your favorite orgs via our Charity Suggesterator and we promised to use the results for our March donation.

Then Japan got hit with an earthquake and tsunami, so we tabled your recommendations and scrambled to donate $1,000 to Red Cross Disaster Relief, to be used wherever it is needed most. Now that it's April, we've returned to the Suggesterator and tallied the votes.

The smart masses have spoken, and thus we have chosen Autism Speaks for our $1,000 April donation. Apparently our voters could see into the future because it turns out April is National Autism Awareness month. Also: Records and Information Management Month, which is kind of fitting in a geeky way.

Autism Speaks

Founded in 1995 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child with autism, Autism Speaks advocates the needs of the autistic and their families, increases awareness of austism spectrum disorders, and funds research into causes of and treatments for autism. If you're not the donating sort, Autism Speaks also organizes walks and events all over the US.

Let's just say that as geeks catering to geeks, we're kind of familiar with the spectrum--inside TG and outside--but in the very best of ways. Autism advocacy is a cause near and dear to our hearts so we were glad to see it get so many votes!

As for May, aka Zombie Awareness Month, we've pulled three very different top charities from the Suggesterator for a run off vote. Choose your favorite cause below by April 30th and you'll be entered to win a (randomly selected) $50 ThinkGeek gift certificate. But only vote once--the dedupe-o-bot is on patrol and will delete any double dippers.

UPDATE 5/2/11 1:24pm ET: Voting has closed! We're tabulating the winning charity now and will randomly choose our gift certificate winner shortly. We'll have an new blog post after the winners have been determined.


Ha ha. Very funny.

Licensing nightmare.

So you may have noticed a few new items on the site last Friday. You may have even wanted to purchase one or two. Then you looked at the calendar.


Sorry if we broke your heart, but we do sometimes turn these implausible ideas into the real thing--like the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag--so you should take a moment to vote on your favorite. We'll see what we can do about making your dream into a reality--unless it's the Edible Gummy iPhone Case, in which case you can give up dreaming now because it was incredibly difficult to make even the proof of concept. (Hans still has nightmares.)

If it helps, you may take comfort in the fact that we might've been pranked on Friday, too. We're choosing to believe this customer service call was a prank, anyways, because the alternative is just too horrible. Click here to experience the magic of Dan expertly handling a conversation no one should ever have to field. (It's a 291KB mp4.)


Here's another joke we can share with you: a little old skool chain mail spoof we sent around to some our most our awesome customers on Thursday, 3/31, to remind them we were up to no good on Friday. We don't mind telling you we had way too much fun writing that masterpiece--and now the world knows you really can't have too many dancing Fry gifs.

Three bits of house keeping:

1. The t-shirt monkey would like you to know there are still some free-with-$15-purchase limited edition Ken Jennings-inspired t-shirts in stock so if you were on the fence this weekend (or wondered if they were a prank), now would be the time to snap one up.

2. Our 3D Giveaway winners have been contacted so now we can proudly announce them here: Elisha H of South Burlington VT, who won a Nintendo Virtual Boy and $1,000 ThinkGeek shopping spree, and Miriam V of Elgin IL who won the black Nintendo 3DS. Thanks to all our entrants, and so sorry if you didn't win the Virtual Boy. Surely there's another way you give yourself a headache.

3. By popular--nay, overwhelming request--here are the graphics that went on the side of the ice cream truck in the Star Wars Lightsaber Popsicle video. "Admiral Snackbar" is probably our favorite, but "Ewoko Taco" is pretty sweet, too. A million exploding Alderaan thanks to Walls360 who printed the graphics overnight and then hand-delivered them to the set the next day.

Ice cream truck stickers