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What's better than 8.626 Tauntauns?

Tauntaun Sack race

Finally, an excuse to post this photo of the Tauntaun sack race from Dragon*Con. Thanks, @Rumielf!

Last week we announced our new plan to donate $1,000 to a charity every month in 2011. Thanks for all the good geeky vibes--it's nice to know you guys are into giving, too.

But we have to especially thank the 120 awesome people* who dedicated their orders to Child's Play! According to our super-secret calculator of extra giving, those orders upped our $1,000 donation to CPC by 8.626 Tauntaun Sleeping Bags--but we decided to send 10 because a .626 Tauntaun isn't very snuggly, and we prefer 1s and 0s anyways.

May the Force be with you, Child's Play! We hope our pile of stuff goes for a jillion dollars at auction so you can help cheer up lots more hospitalized kids.

As for February, we're prepping the Third Annual Geek <3 donation machine for DonorsChoose. We'll open up the classroom voting on February 7th here on the blog so you guys can pick your favorites. Like last year, we'll divvy up the donations to as many classrooms as we can until we hit the $1,000 mark. And your vote will count as an entry to win a $100 gift certificate that we'll announce on Valentine's Day.

Got a special charity you'd like to see us support with $1,000 in March? We're still looking for suggestions! Submit your idea below and we'll open up a list of our favorites for voting in the third week of February. Thanks to the over 140 suggesterator users so far!

* Thanks to these CHILDSPLAY code users: Robert A., c. b., Emilie B., Jessica B., Ryan B., Steven B., Erica B., Benjamin B., Larry B., Warren C., Cynthia C., Gary C., Christopher C., Melissa C., Thomas C., Rebecca C., Colin C., Jeremy C., Laurel C., Steven C., Alexander C., Scott D., Christine D., Jennifer D., Emily E., Gena E., Robin F., Stephen F., Wes F., John F., chelly f., Heather F., Kristin F., Angel G., Christopher G., Andrew G., Becky G., Suzanne G., Colby H., Sarah H., Erik H., Debbie H., Martin H., Emily H., Karen H., Sean I., Jonathan K., Greg K., Benjamin K., Brian K., Karen L., Carl L., Dylan L., Jennifer L., Ian L., Brandon L., Kathyrn M., Holly M., Mysteree M., Cody M., desiree m., Timothy M., Lauren M., Jen N., Richard N., Cherylynn O., Kathleen P., Samantha P., Jim P., Benjamin P., Laura P., Jeremy P., Madigan R., Emma R., Jillianne R., James R., matt r., Jeisler S., Alexis S., Casey S., Liberty S., Chas S., Shelly S., JASON S., Peter S., Donovan S., Brady T., Sean T., Katherine V., jess v., Meg W., Jennifer W., Maribeth W., spencer w., Kyle W., Brandi W., Pamela W., Preston Z., Michelle Z.

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