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Third Annual Project Geek<3

Timmy and friends

Students from Ms. O's Providence, RI class need mathy materials

UPDATE 2/14 10:45am ET:

Here comes our big, sloppy PDA moment--public displays of appreciation, of course, for teachers inspiring the geeks of tomorrow with small budgets and big plans.

In all, 535 projects were nominated and ~3,000 votes were cast in this year's Project Geek<3. Because some of the projects in our top 5 had such large dollar amounts left to go, we decided to split our $1,000 donation between them, rather than completing the first, then moving on to the second, and so on. We think this will be a better way to spread the geek<3, and perhaps some of our readers will be inspired to donate as well...? WONDER GEEK POWERS, ACTIVATE!

So without further ado, our top five classrooms receiving $200 each are:

  1. Kinder Pad, Mrs. R.'s classroom in San Fernando, California wants an iPad to use during class activities ($501 to go)
  2. Learning in Living Color: LCD Projector, Ms. H.'s classroom in Chatsworth, California needs a basic projector (completed!)
  3. ActivSlate For Active Kids!, Mrs. C.'s classroom in Dillon, South Carolina wants to better use their Promethean Board ($47 to go)
  4. Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? To Lay Another Egg!, Mrs. W.'s classroom in Auburn, Illinois wants to incubate a chicken (completed!)
  5. Listening Stations For 4th Graders, Mrs. M.'s classroom in Mascotte, Florida wants to improve group reading sessions ($246 to go)
  6. And because our #2 and #4 winners were so close to completion, we had a bit leftover. Thus we randomly drew a project from the stack and found that we could then fund:

  7. Feeling The Fractions With Mini Tiles, Mr. C.'s classroom in Rialto, California needs tiles to help visually and physically understand the concept of fractions ($29 to go)

And our randomly chosen $100 gift certificate winner is Linda H in San Antonio, TX. We'll be contacting you via email soon, Linda!

Thanks to our voters, and thanks especially to those hardworking teachers out there making do while inspiring geeklings!

P.S.: We already heard back from Mrs. W., who has her incubator project funded! She writes,

Dear ThinkGeek,
I am so excited!!! Right now my children are at gym but I cannot wait to share with them that our project was funded! They will be so excited to know that we get to have the incubator and hatch baby chicks this spring! This was the best Valentine's Day gift ever!!! Without companies and individuals supporting teachers, great projects like this would not be happening in classrooms around the U.S. Students and teachers are so blessed to have you helping us teach and learn! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
With gratitude,
Mrs. W.

Talk about warm fuzzies on Valentine's Day. <3 <3 <3

Original entry, posted 2/7:

Calling all robo-cupids and friends of Timmy!

For the third year in a row we're donating to DonorsChoose.org during project Geek<3, our little Valentine's Day tribute to geeklings still in school. And we need your help choosing which needy classrooms should get a little love.

This year we're donating a total of $1,000 to classrooms as part of year-long goal to give $1,000 a month to charitable organizations during 2011. Your votes will determine which classrooms we give to, in order of popularity, until we hit the $1,000 mark.

And your vote will enter you to win a $100 gift certificate. But we know you'll vote because that's the right thing to do, not because you want stuff. Right? Right.

How to vote (and enter to win):

  1. Go to DonorsChoose.org and find a classroom you think needs some geek <3ing. Make a note of the classroom id. For example, if the classroom's url is
    the ID is #500537. We're suckers for the Math & Sciences section, naturally, but don't let that stop you from perusing the rest.
  2. Tweet to @thinkgeek (that's us!) the ID number being sure to include the tag #geek<3 somewhere in your tweet so we'll count it as a vote. If you don't include the #geek<3 tag, we might miss it and you won't be entered to win. (Yes, hashtag police, we know Twitter doesn't much like the less than sign, but it doesn't matter; we're using our own hashtagparse-o-bot.) Please vote via Twitter only once a day.
  3. Or, if you're not into Twitter, use this form to enter: VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. The form has been exterminated.
  4. Vote by 6pm ET on Friday, February 11! Votes after that will go poof into the great nothingness, though we're sure you meant well.

We'll tally up the votes on Valentine's Day and announce the classrooms we'll fund--along with our $100 gift certificate winner--here on the blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

So pull on those circuit board wings and solder your bow and arrow--go pick some classrooms and vote!

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meaningless icon! AWESOME!
Sanders said this 3051 days ago.
meaningless icon! Wish I could vote for ALL of the classrooms, or at least the 4 that really caught my eye!
LisaNut said this 3051 days ago.
meaningless icon! Unfortunately "#geek<3" doesn't work for a hastag. I put it in and it turned into plain old #geek with a <3 after it not included in the tag
Skwiz said this 3051 days ago.
meaningless icon! If you don't have a favorite, vote for my son's school! 480457
aaobuttons said this 3051 days ago.
meaningless icon! I love this! Please vote for my class project. 489116 Thanks for considering!
donorschooseteacher said this 3051 days ago.
meaningless icon! Skwiz, though Twitter is having trouble with the <3 in the tag, our hashtagbot understands it just fine. Keep on using #geek<3 in your tweets.
CarrieGouldin said this 3050 days ago.
meaningless icon! Vote for my son's school! 480457
aaobuttons said this 3050 days ago.
meaningless icon! this is the best contest ever! i wish we could do this kinda thing ALL the time!
Slow Jo said this 3050 days ago.
meaningless icon! WooHoo! I'm in the top 5 (as of yesterday, at least)!! Please tweet for me tomorrow and Friday. The ActivSlate is pretty geeky for this rural South Carolina teacher!! My project # is 511336. Thanks so much! MJ (Mrs. C)
Sumrthyme said this 3049 days ago.
meaningless icon! I was surprised how many I saw that wanted laptops, ipods, and even a nook. IMO, basic suuplies like markers and crayons take priority.
Ham of Hig said this 3049 days ago.
meaningless icon! We must help the small geeklings grow up tobe proud and strong and for mass world domonation.
Addi Nanobot Zeaawsome said this 3049 days ago.
meaningless icon! I agree Ham Of The Hig,someone wanted three ipod touches.
yodalover1234 said this 3049 days ago.
meaningless icon! Ham the Pig, As a veteran DonorsChoose teacher, I have found that some donors prefer to fund specific projects. Some prefer literacy, others math; still others only want to fund art/ music or technology. That's part of the appeal of DonorsChoose, Each donor ( or voter) can choose a project that speaks to their heart.
Sumrthyme said this 3048 days ago.
meaningless icon! oops...Ham of Hig....
Sumrthyme said this 3048 days ago.
meaningless icon! Voted for my hometown junior high! It's listed as "high poverty" on the site :( I knew it sucked growing up, but I had no idea how much... id#500577
queentess said this 3047 days ago.
meaningless icon! Oh, how I hope some of you will look at the special needs kids. Some are looking for notebook/laptops. They won't have one at home and in this day and age learning how to use one will be so intregal to their future. Whoever wins, it's awesome that timmy and his litlte friends do this =>
DabigG said this 3047 days ago.
meaningless icon! Congrats to Ms. H!!!! :)
chiquens said this 3044 days ago.
meaningless icon! Just wanted to let you know that this project inspired me to make a personal donation to one of the projects. I can't possibly be the only one so you've probably had a much larger effect than the $1000. Yay science!
meeshlr said this 3044 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hooray, meeshlr!! Thank you for contributing! We're kinda hoping we've inspired some others--and if this didn't work, maybe the follow up photos and letters from teachers and their classes will do the trick in a few weeks. :D
CarrieGouldin said this 3044 days ago.
meaningless icon! I just wanted to thank you again for all you do to spotlight charities, especially DonorsChoose. After your donation was applied to my project, another generous donor completed it. The ActivSlate will be a wonderful addition to our classroom. Mrs. C
Sumrthyme said this 3043 days ago.

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