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Invasion of the Timmy stickers

Sticker shot winner

Thanks to everyone who sent in their Timmy stickershots! After much hand-wringing and exercising of our own personal biases, we have finally chosen our $50 gift certificate winner: the photo above, taken by Chris B., who wrote, "Timmy was just the monkey to cheer up our little geeklet!"

Can't argue with that smile. We hope Timmy's face has helped make the pain, itching, and bathing with a plastic bag over his arm a little more bearable--or at least reminded him to be more careful on his next daring feat.

And our runners up, who hereby win a spot on our blog, are...

Most dangerous, really

By Maya L.

Most bizarrely disturbing

By Steve P.

Most on-a-cube

By Scott D.

Most infinite Timmys

By Sherry S.

Closest to a potty

By Aubrey B.

Closest to a sleepy baby

By Connie R.

Best laptop stickers

By Robbie L.

Most romantic, awww

By Ryan S.

Most magnetic

By Jeffrey K.

Most likely to explode

By James E.

Thanks again for all the amusing photos, and feel free to keep emailing them to stickershots at thinkgeek dot com--we like seeing our Timmys out and about, and maybe we'll do this again sometime.

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meaningless icon! Yay! Much <3 for Timmy!
SmartnSekC said this 2794 days ago.
meaningless icon! I stuck mine on the plastic window wrapping in the kitchen, so Timmy is helping the house stay insulated.
Rozax said this 2794 days ago.
meaningless icon! Yay! Mine made it in the favorites!
El Holy Taco said this 2794 days ago.
meaningless icon! Dargle Snorf!
EcakCake said this 2794 days ago.
meaningless icon! Ok, I may just be pathetic, but I don't get the "Most Romantic" one - is it because I know nothing about Robot Chicken?
Nefenjo said this 2794 days ago.
meaningless icon! Woah! Timmy helps little boy-arms to heal! Timmy never ceases to amaze, does he?
Bagelman said this 2794 days ago.
meaningless icon! That is a very cunning hat worn in the 2nd runner-up's pic (Steve P./Most bizarrely disturbing). Made me smile.
ccarlyc said this 2793 days ago.
meaningless icon! I put him on my PDA(I know. HORRIBLE choice.I dont even use it.should have put him on my iPod.).
BlahPunk said this 2792 days ago.
meaningless icon! Timmy is freaking awesome, someday he will heal every broken arm with the power of caffeine and his awesome face :D
blakefebruary7 said this 2783 days ago.

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