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January 2011 Archives

Sticker shot winner

Thanks to everyone who sent in their Timmy stickershots! After much hand-wringing and exercising of our own personal biases, we have finally chosen our $50 gift certificate winner: the photo above, taken by Chris B., who wrote, "Timmy was just the monkey to cheer up our little geeklet!"

Can't argue with that smile. We hope Timmy's face has helped make the pain, itching, and bathing with a plastic bag over his arm a little more bearable--or at least reminded him to be more careful on his next daring feat.

And our runners up, who hereby win a spot on our blog, are...

Most dangerous, really

By Maya L.

Most bizarrely disturbing

By Steve P.

Most on-a-cube

By Scott D.

Most infinite Timmys

By Sherry S.

Closest to a potty

By Aubrey B.

Closest to a sleepy baby

By Connie R.

Best laptop stickers

By Robbie L.

Most romantic, awww

By Ryan S.

Most magnetic

By Jeffrey K.

Most likely to explode

By James E.

Thanks again for all the amusing photos, and feel free to keep emailing them to stickershots at thinkgeek dot com--we like seeing our Timmys out and about, and maybe we'll do this again sometime.

Give away all the monies!

Yeah, we know--it's a little late for a New Year's resolution blog post. But we promise this one will be different from all the rest because we will not break it. And it has nothing to do with dieting, which helps.

Every month in 2011, ThinkGeek will give $1,000 to a worthy charity.

We've made a habit of giving here and there over the last few years; it's about time we imposed some structure to our whims of generosity. And we hope that by bringing attention to 12 different charities this year we can spread our good a little farther--to put a little bacon on the cupcake, as Timmy says.

And we've decided to start with Child's Play, a gamer-run organization (started by Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins of Penny Arcade, no less) dedicated to bringing toys to kids at children's hospitals. This month, we're giving CPC $1,000 worth of goodies--Tauntauns, Wampas, light sabers, and other geeky staples--to auction off at fundraisers in support of their awesome work.

That's all fine and well but you want to help too, right? Of course! So here's what you do:

From now (1/24/11) through 11:59pm ET on January 31, 2011, use code CHILDSPLAY on your ThinkGeek order and not only will you get a whopping $0.42 discount, but your order will count towards more items donated to Child's Play.

There are proprietary, mathemagical calculations involved, but the more times the code is used, the more Tauntauns we'll donate past the $1,000 mark! (Sorry, the code CHILDSPLAY will not stack with other coupon codes--you can only use one coupon code per order.)

If that's not hands-on enough for you, we hope you'll consider giving directly to Child's Play via PayPal, or choose your local hospital from their map to donate a wishlisted toy.

Here's the plan for February: like we have for the past two years, we'll give to DonorsChoose for Valentine's Day and poll you guys for which classrooms should receive donations. Voting will open up on February 1.

As for March, we still need some help deciding. Do you know of a deserving charity working on a cause we geeks could get behind? Tell us below.

Let the monkey drive

Recently we started adding a little something magical to our shipments: a disembodied Timmy head sticker. If you've ordered in the last month, and unless the Stickerbot had a grudge against you, you should've gotten one in your order.

It took all of one day for us to see photos of the new Timmy stickers in situ via Twitter and Facebook. They were posted to cube walls, laptops, cars, and cats. One was even spotted on the news.

But in the flurry of egg nog and leftover cookies and piles of fudge that we finally cleared out of the ThinkGeek kitchen, we weren't able to reward our minions for their loyalty to Timmy.

So here's your chance. Email a photo of your Timmy sticker in its new home to stickershots at thinkgeek dot com. (That's not a link, but we think you can figure it out.) We'll pick one $50 gift certificate winner entered before 11:59pm ET on Monday, 1/24, and we'll announce it here on the blog on Tuesday, 1/25. Runners-up, you will win the dubious distinction of having your photo posted along with the winner.

Tips to ensure awesomeness

  1. Shoot for 150KB or less file size. If you're emailing us from your mobile device-o-tron, please choose the file size on the smaller end of the spectrum, and if you're at your computer terminal, you can use this service to squish the file.
  2. Email us the image, not a link to it.
  3. No zipped files, please!

As always, extra points will be awarded for creativity, and you can keep sending in those pics after the deadline, but you'll need to make it by midnight on Monday if you want the gift certificate. We're looking forward to seeing the Timmy clone army deployed!