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Timmy takes the catwalk

Timmy on red carpet

You might not peg us as fashionistas, but this week Timmy worked it on the catwalk for a great cause: to raise donations for Toys for Tots.

Our first-ever moment in the fashion spotlight was made possible by our neighbors Palantir Technologies, whose employees (along with special local interweb celebrity guests and one very handsome Wookiee) volunteered to model. The couture was provided by ThinkGeek, of course.

We asked Timmy for a comment but he's apparently feeling too fancy to bother. So we'll let the photos tell the story.

Thanks to Palantir for putting on a first-class event and our hearty congrats to Melissa Vallejo of Beedoodles.com, who was voted best model! It might have had something to do with Timmy's mug, but we are a little partial.

Your Bacon Scarf is lovely! Vogue.
His hairstylist took FOREVER WTG, Melissa!
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meaningless icon! I wish I was rockin that catwalk with Timmy :P
bananandrea said this 3082 days ago.
meaningless icon! BLURGH! There's one comment! Lookin good Timmy ;)
Aminimouse said this 3082 days ago.
meaningless icon! W00t! Now I can finally honestly say that my Timmy T-shirt is better than casual! It was modelled at a fashion show. It's got to be at lease business casual now, right boss?
The Sagest said this 3081 days ago.
meaningless icon! This... is awesome. Pretty jelly for not being there in person.
CoolCatCleo said this 3081 days ago.
meaningless icon! I had so much fun thanks Timmy for walking on the runway with me! Who knew how fun it was to smile with a mouthful of banana :)
Melissa Vallejo said this 3081 days ago.
meaningless icon! I feel happy to find this post. Thanks.
maceohansard said this 3079 days ago.
meaningless icon! timmy take me with you!
Tyler9003 said this 3063 days ago.
meaningless icon! Was it my Timmy because he came in very late...
01000001011011000110010101111000 said this 3059 days ago.
meaningless icon! *Hey Timmy your so fine you blow my mind hey Timmy*
Addi Nanobot Zeaawsome said this 3047 days ago.

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