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Our Favorite Geekmas Action Shots

With all the new product newsletters for the holiday season out the e-door, we're snug in our offices in our kerchiefs and caps and can't wait to take a long winter's nap. But in the meantime, we're uploading tons and tons of Customer Action Shots.

Here are some of our favorites of this holiday season.

The Epic Cookie Battle Begins


While "normal" people are cutting their sugar cookies into stars and trees and angels, you chuckleheads are going one step further. David C.'s photo of gingerbread Daleks marching into the TARDIS Cookie Jar (presumably to kill a gingerbread time lord) really tickled us in a way only Daleks can. (Must be the plunger attachment.) And our friend Bruno B. sent us a photo of ninjabread men that he dubbed "Santa's Secret Service." But we wonder... on the North Pole, wouldn't it behoove ninjas to wear white instead?

Deck the Halls with Disease & Insanity

Oh isn't this a lovely ornament! ...What's that noise?

Who says it has to be all holly and snowflakes and warm fuzzies? Deby D. sent us a picture of her tree, decorated with Plush Microbe Holiday Ornaments and topped with Ebola virus. Nothing says Christmas quite like hypovolemic shock! And speaking of unpleasant surprises, Michael K's grandmother loved her new ThinkGeek Christmas ornament. We wonder how she feels about the "crickets" that have infested her tree.

A Visit from St. Nick-o-Claus

Santa Lizard knows if you've been naughty or nice

Did you know that in different areas of the country, the Mall Santa dresses differently? If you don't believe it, go to a mall in Orlando and check out Florida Santa. He wears the red pants and suspenders but with a green Christmas Hawaiian shirt on top. Disturbing. Not quite as disturbing as this hanging Zombie Claus, sent to us by Judi D. We wonder what heinous crimes he committed to deserve such a fate. More adorable is Domo the chameleon, pet of Angel T. and granter of wishes to miniature sock monkeys everywhere.

To You and Yours, a Holiday with Cookies and Cake

The nog is a lie?

Finally, our favorite holiday shot of the bunch, A Very Aperture Christmas by Matt T. We really wanted jobs at Aperture Labs, but had to settle for ThinkGeek. It probably explains why we have a claw machine full of companion cubes.

Grab your favorite companion (of the cube or Doctor variety) and a steaming mug of hot cocoa and let the monkey-infested holiday spirit reign. And don't forget to send us your best action shots for a chance to win $100.

Tips to Win $$$ for Your Customer Action Shot

  1. Resize your photo, please! We don't need it bigger than 500 pixels wide and 72 ppi. We'll let you know if we need the full-size, high-res version for the catalog centerfold.
  2. Be sure it's CLEAR. We reject a lot of otherwise cool photos because they're too blurry.
  3. Don't put your URL on the bottom. We can't give you free advertising (or free stalkers, for the ladies).

Remember, every time you send in a Customer Action Shot of yourself, you're giving us a bit of your soul. The souls of ThinkGeek customers are what keep Timmy warm at night, so keep mailing them in!

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meaningless icon! Yay for Geekmas! So many things on my wishlist this year, but alas for the lack of Time Lord tech with regard to Christmas trees. There's only so much room under those verdant branches. :(
Bagelman said this 3076 days ago.
meaningless icon! That's just not fair. I want to buy dalek cookie cutters. :(
Natch said this 3076 days ago.
meaningless icon! I couldn't see any cake! Is the cake a lie?
franksands said this 3076 days ago.
meaningless icon! I would send you an action shot of the Tank Up mug, but after one go round in the dishwasher it is completely blank. It has no decoration whatsoever, no logo, no manufacturing info, blank.
said this 3062 days ago.
meaningless icon! Fletc3her, if you haven't contacted us already about a replacement, please do! If you email your order number to replybot at thinkgeek.com we'll get a replacement started for you, but please note (like it says on the mug's page): "Handwash only - the heat-sensitive materials can be damaged in the dishwasher." The high heat from dishwasher can totally nuke the design.
CarrieGouldin said this 3062 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'm working on uploading all the new holiday action shots you chuckleheads have sent in... please make sure to send your BEST ones to famous@thinkgeek.com!
E. Foley said this 3060 days ago.

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