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Your chance at Instant YouTube Semi-Celebrity (TM)

Please note: Ridiculous stunts and/or green screening is not necessary for Instant YouTube Semi-CelebrityTM.

Would you like to be in a ThinkGeek video where you didn't have to be on the roof of a moving car, pummeled by tribbles, or the subject of a new brain-poking "experiment"?

Then we have just the Instant YouTube Semi-CelebrityTM opportunity you've been waiting for!

We've got a new moving picture project underway and we need footage of you saying, yelling, singing, or signing "No!" into the camera. Dancing, goofing off, and general muppeting is optional but strongly encouraged. Appropriately geeky props are also appreciated, but what we mostly want is you, staring into a camera, telling us "No!"

The quality doesn't have to be awesome, and we don't even necessarily need sound, so flip on those webcams and upload your video anywhere on the internet--to YouTube or just a file on your web server or favorite sharing service--by midnight EST on Friday, October 22nd.

How to enter your "No!" clip:

  1. Tweet to @thinkgeek with a link to your video, with the tweet tagged #thinkgeekvideo. (Note: Your tweet must mention @thinkgeek and the tag #thinkgeekvideo)
  2. Comment on this Facebook update about the contest with a link to your video. (Note: If you post it to our Facebook wall as a regular ol' wall post, it will not get captured as an entry.)
  3. If you do not use Twitter or Facebook (we hear tell of some holdouts), you may email replybot at thinkgeek dot com your link; just make sure the subject line is "ThinkGeek Video Project."

Your video entry qualifies you to win a $50 ThinkGeek gift certificate, chosen randomly. Please use only one method of entering so we don't have to sort through dupes; double- or triple-entering will not increase your chances of winning, but will increase your chances of having a monocular laser-eyed robot visit your home to ask you why you ignored our instructions.

Oh, and there might be some celebri-geeks in this video that you'd be happy to appear alongside. We can't divulge any secrets right now but it should be good. And the legalese: by submitting a link of your video, you're agreeing that we have the right to remix it into a video as we see fit.

Get going! You only have until Friday, October 22nd to claim your Instant YouTube Semi-CelebrityTM moment!

UPDATE 10/25 11:49AM: The entry period has ended and we've accepted over 40 clips for inclusion in our next video! Our random winner is Brian McDermott, who found a way to break our hearts all over again.

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meaningless icon! if we get a visit from the monocular laser-eyed robot, can we keep him?
djlenny said this 2892 days ago.
meaningless icon! You can try.
CarrieGouldin said this 2891 days ago.
meaningless icon! Not sure a visit from the monocular laser-eyed robots is necessarily a deterrent with this group ;)
Asheyna said this 2890 days ago.
meaningless icon! I think I'd like to have to robot instead of the $50.
JLuve82 said this 2889 days ago.
meaningless icon! i do hope i get picked. not only did i write an original song, but also was wearing a thinkgeek shirt during recording! :D
phalkon said this 2889 days ago.

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