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ThinkGeek's 2nd Annual Geeky Pumpkin Template Contest

Tremble, yon gourds, for 'tis the season of disembowelment!

We're sharpening our knives and greasing the pumpkin seed roasting pan in preparation for our 2nd Annual Maybe We'll Do This Again Next Year Pumpkin Patch Trip 2010.

Last year Timmy almost got eaten by a cow, and (somehow) we all made it down the sack slide without crushing any small children. It was awesome.

But once again we'll be faced with the same dilemma: What geeky designs should we carve on our pumpkins? And who's gonna clean up this mess?

That's why we're foisting the task of being creative onto *you.* Make it 8-bit, an obscure reference to Red Dwarf, do a set of Mythbusters pumpkins (don't forget Jamie's beret), a line drawing of Sheldon, whatever you want--just please, stay away from pumpkin pi jokes. Seriously. Here are our favorites from last year if you need a kickstart.

Submit your geeky pumpkin carving template--preferably large enough to print & tape directly to a pumpkin--by October 26, we'll carve our favorites on October 28, and announce the 3 winners on October 29th. We'll post the best here on the blog as they come in so check back if you're looking for a template for your pumpkin.

  • 1st place, $131 ThinkGeek gift certificate + Zombie Cookie Jar
  • 2nd place, $31 ThinkGeek gift certificate + Dismember Me Plush Zombie
  • 3rd place, $31 ThinkGeek gift certificate
  • Superlatives, who will get recognition and something pumpkin-y TBD.

Pumpkinauts, please note: If you entered last year, please enter something new for 2010. And don't just yoink a design from Deviant Art. The internet ceiling cat cops are watching you.

Enter your Geeky Pumpkin Template

UPDATE 10/27: Submissions have closed!

UPDATE 10/25: Here are 48 of the best submissions so far. (Click to download each one.) Keep 'em coming!

pumpkin template vaderpumpkin template goombapumpkin template tesla pumpkin template cake is a liepumpkin template androidpumpkin template stand back pumpkin template serenitypumpkin template pacpumpkinpumpkin template captain hammer pumpkin template adiposepumpkin template Minecraft creeperpumpkin template axecop pumpkin template buffypumpkin template TARDISpumpkin template Jayne pumpkin template double rainbowspumpkin template Dalekspumpkin template chthulu loves Timmy pumpkin template Rorschachpumpkin template Borgpumpkin template Boo pumpkin template Erlenmeyer flaskpumpkin template 8-bit skull and crossbonespumpkin template Storm Trooper pumpkin template Jedi councilpumpkin template Hyrulepumpkin template Twitter birds pumpkin template oragami unicorn, Blade Runnerpumpkin template PowerLLAP pumpkin template Pac-Man ghostpumpkin template Companion Cubepumpkin template Iron Man pumpkin template Super Nintendo lovepumpkin template Space Invaderspumpkin template Hyrule is where the heart is pumpkin template Charlie Brownpumpkin template Doctor Who logopumpkin template Red Ring of Death pumpkin template The Witcherpumpkin template Cybermanpumpkin template My Precious pumpkin template Recursive Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkinpumpkin template Deadpoolpumpkin template USB pumpkin template Tuxpumpkin template TRON Recognizer + Light Cyclepumpkin template Less Than Three
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meaningless icon! I can't wait to draw something up for you guys!
CUTE said this 2905 days ago.
meaningless icon! That Vader one is EPIC. I'd probably mess up the carving horribly, though. I just submitted my pattern.
cogsforbrains said this 2900 days ago.
meaningless icon! I submitted mine yesterday; I put a lot of work into it, but it might be a little too obscure of a reference. *crosses fingers*
RetsofNoraa said this 2898 days ago.
meaningless icon! I love all the Doctor Who references!
Dummerkopf said this 2897 days ago.
meaningless icon! These are all great!! I can't decide what to carve now...Some of the links to download aren't working though....?
Absynthe said this 2896 days ago.
meaningless icon! Absynthe: Thanks for the catch! They should be working now (or in 3 minutes after the cache refreshes).
CarrieGouldin said this 2896 days ago.
meaningless icon! LOL, the companion cube one is officially awesome. :D
cogsforbrains said this 2896 days ago.
meaningless icon! Didn't see any Mythbusters, so I had to go and design one. Hopefully it will be one of the tops! Took me 5 hours to design it.
ugagrad2001 said this 2893 days ago.
meaningless icon! Naww, I did a companion cube too, I guess mine wasn't chosen =`(.
darthluke said this 2891 days ago.
meaningless icon! Some the links still don't work.
ScienceMommy said this 2890 days ago.
meaningless icon! Loaded my jawstopus, crossing my fingers you'll dig it.
handpecked said this 2889 days ago.
meaningless icon! crossing my fingers you will enjoy jawstopus as much as I enjoyed making it.
handpecked said this 2889 days ago.
meaningless icon! man that Rorschach one took me a while to draw because i drew it freehand but i hope you guys like it and if you could carve it into a pumpkin thatdbe good too
r.hernandez said this 2889 days ago.
meaningless icon! I wish I had entered.
Friday The Girl said this 2883 days ago.

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