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The pumpkin slaughter (and contest) is complete

our pumpkins

Armed with knives much too large for the job and a pile of printed templates from our contest submissions, we set upon our sacrificial gourds yesterday.

It was difficult to choose our favorites--and not stab ourselves, Andrea--but it was a good time. Thanks to all our template submitters on giving us an excuse to carve pumpkins!

Our 2nd Annual Geeky Pumpkin Template Contest winners are...

1st Place

pumpkin template Companion Cube

"My Best Friend," by Cognitive

Wins 1st place, $131 ThinkGeek gift certificate + Zombie Cookie Jar

2nd Place

pumpkin template android

"Android," by Puckbyter

Wins $31 ThinkGeek gift certificate + Dismember Me Plush Zombie

3rd Place

pumpkin template adipose

"Adipose," by @Suzaku7

Wins $31 ThinkGeek gift certificate

Honorable mentions

Most Paku Paku Paku

pumpkin template pacpumpkin

"Pac O'Lantern," by @jacobwstewart


pumpkin template Angry Birds

"Angry Birds," by @maddoghoek100


pumpkin template Minecraft creeper

"Minecraft Creeper," by Michael Shad

Most frustrating to codemonkey Jennifer P.

pumpkin template One Up Mushroom

"1UP Pumpkin," by Jennifer Summe

Best Use of Light

pumpkin template Iron Man

"Proof your pumpkin has a heart," by @CaptDNA

Most unapologetically nerdy (and requires a permit in most states)

pumpkin template Erlenmeyer flask

"Erlenmeyer Flask," by SciFunk

Thanks to all 200+ submitters for sharing their pumpkin templates with us this year! Our pumpkins slaughtered for this grand occasion were less thankful, but still honored, to meet their fate at your hands.

More Halloweenery, if you haven't had enough yet

Have a happy Halloween, geeks!

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meaningless icon! Congratulations to the winners! I'm not listed in the Honorable Mentions, but I'm going to deem my pumpkin Most Likely to Make You Chop Someone's Head Off While Carving, anyway.
Bastian said this 2882 days ago.
meaningless icon! Congratulations!! These pumpkins are awesome.
Brynhild said this 2882 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'm psyched to carve my very own Companion Pumpkin. She will NOT be incinerated!
CarniFlave said this 2882 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thank you and congrats to all! Second year of the contest and you already have a great tradition going. Looking forward to next year...
PuckByter said this 2882 days ago.

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