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45 Geeky Pumpkin Carving Templates

pumpkin template androidpumpkin template pacpumpkinpumpkin template Recursive Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkin pumpkin template Companion Cubepumpkin template Cybermanpumpkin template Red Ring of Death

We've been running a geeky pumpkin template carving for the past two weeks, and we're reaching a critical mass of excellent submissions.

Not only do we intend to carve our pumpkins with our favorites, but we're hoping you'll find one or two you'd like to try out. If you're puzzled by any of the thumbnails below, hovering over the image might help explain, xkcd-style. And our favorites from last year are still available, too.

If you've got a great idea for a template, there's still time to enter: you have until midnight ET on Tuesday 10/26 to pitch your idea into the ring, and here's the submission form. We'll announce our winners on 10/29 after we've had a chance to carve our pumpkins.

UPDATE 10/27: Submissions have closed and we're looking forward to disemboweling our pumpkins tomorrow!

  • 1st place, $131 ThinkGeek gift certificate + Zombie Cookie Jar
  • 2nd place, $31 ThinkGeek gift certificate + Dismember Me Plush Zombie
  • 3rd place, $31 ThinkGeek gift certificate
  • Superlatives, who will get recognition and something pumpkin-y TBD.

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45 57 of the the best pumpkin templates

UPDATED 10/27 12:00pm ET: Just added 2 more for a total of 57!

pumpkin template vaderpumpkin template goombapumpkin template tesla pumpkin template cake is a liepumpkin template androidpumpkin template stand back pumpkin template serenitypumpkin template pacpumpkinpumpkin template captain hammer pumpkin template adiposepumpkin template Minecraft creeperpumpkin template axecop pumpkin template buffypumpkin template TARDISpumpkin template Jayne pumpkin template double rainbowspumpkin template Dalekspumpkin template chthulu loves Timmy pumpkin template Rorschachpumpkin template Borgpumpkin template Boo pumpkin template Erlenmeyer flaskpumpkin template 8-bit skull and crossbonespumpkin template Storm Trooper pumpkin template Jedi councilpumpkin template Hyrulepumpkin template Twitter birds pumpkin template oragami unicorn, Blade Runnerpumpkin template PowerLLAP pumpkin template Pac-Man ghostpumpkin template Companion Cubepumpkin template Iron Man pumpkin template Super Nintendo lovepumpkin template Space Invaderspumpkin template Hyrule is where the heart is pumpkin template Charlie Brownpumpkin template Doctor Who logopumpkin template Red Ring of Death pumpkin template The Witcherpumpkin template Cybermanpumpkin template My Precious pumpkin template Recursive Pumpkin Pumpkin Pumpkinpumpkin template Deadpoolpumpkin template USB pumpkin template Tuxpumpkin template TRON Recognizer + Light Cyclepumpkin template Less Than Three pumpkin template Cake is a liepumpkin template Mudkippumpkin template r2 pumpkin template Frypumpkin template Angry Birdspumpkin template Delorean pumpkin template Mirror Mirror Spockpumpkin template One Up Mushroompumpkin template Fractal
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meaningless icon! Brilliant monkeyses to carve such amazing pumpkinses! We likes it, my precious, yes, we likes it!
StevoBaggins said this 3157 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hey, the red ring of death is the one I submitted last year. BLASPHEMY!
Londonbrig0 said this 3157 days ago.
meaningless icon! BLASPHEMER! Londonbrig0, you submitted a similar template last year but this year's (as seen above) is not exactly the same. Here's your old one: http://www.flickr.com/photos/43763032@N04/4028094766/
CarrieGouldin said this 3157 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hey Londonbrig0! BOOSH!
Scott_WhiteAhh said this 3157 days ago.
meaningless icon! The positioning of the Doctor Who Logo below the Space Invaders template makes for an...interesting picture, to say the least.
redtokyoboxers said this 3157 days ago.
meaningless icon! I wanna see spock get carved
Solet said this 3156 days ago.
meaningless icon! OMG...mine is up!!! yey!
shimmy-madzu_GRL said this 3156 days ago.
meaningless icon! Will each of the top 48 be carved? I would love to see some of them!
shimmy-madzu_GRL said this 3156 days ago.
meaningless icon! Why you make a RROD pumpkin?! That's just inviting it into your home. *knocks on wood*
Silver Swords said this 3156 days ago.
meaningless icon! Tempting to put the one-ring quote inside a pumpkin so that it only shows when lit from behind.
Sorcerer1089 said this 3156 days ago.
meaningless icon! The Witcher one gives me a 404 =(
Izioie said this 3155 days ago.
meaningless icon! Maybe the RRoD pumpkin is like the classic gargoyle - it prevents it coming into your home!
succinct said this 3155 days ago.
meaningless icon! Izioie, turns out that file extensions matter. It's jpg, not gif, and I've updated the link in the post but it may take a few minutes for the cache to expire.
CarrieGouldin said this 3155 days ago.
meaningless icon! Gaaah! I hope mine gets carved!!! I made it for a friend!
digidisco45 said this 3153 days ago.
meaningless icon! My Jayne template turned out pretty well for me! http://pics.livejournal.com/msbeanhead/pic/000sadtw/g63
C Bear said this 3153 days ago.
meaningless icon! Love the Dalek one, i am soooo going to have to use it.
TheDoctorWho said this 3153 days ago.
meaningless icon! Luvin' the mandleblot!
ChaoSilver said this 3131 days ago.
meaningless icon! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18943600/mypumpking.jpg I did my Android pumpkin last night. Made various changes to the template, thought this came out better
GliTcHsys said this 2057 days ago.

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