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Meet our new robo-warehouse!

New robo-warehouse

If you made an order in the last two weeks, it might have taken longer than usual to arrive. Generally our shipping monkeys get your goodies moving so quickly that it's hard for us to edit orders minutes after they've been made.

We're really sorry for the delays--we weren't taking a very long nap, promise. And no, Timmy hadn't singled you out to punish you for that one time you didn't restart before calling IT.

It was far more exciting that: we upgraded to a new, awesomer warehouse.

It was a massive undertaking and required lots of trucks driving from New Jersey to Ohio and buckets of codemonkey blood, sweat, and tears (all delicious, by the way). And we're really, really excited about what this means for you.

Some of the improvements you will see in the coming months:

Timmy and his new boxes
  • More shipping options, which should make our international customers very happy.
  • Gift wrap (using our geeky designs) to help robots with busted finger servos still make a good impression at parties.
  • Longer shipping periods up through the holidays for the procrastinators out there.
  • Boxes with Timmy on the outside. Timmy! On the box!
  • A more central location just outside Columbus, Ohio, so our New Jersey customers--where the old warehouse was located--will no longer hog the best shipping from our west coast friends.
  • ROBOTS. A robotic system will make smarty-pants decisions about what to do with your goodies as your boxes shunt from stock, to sorting, to where they'll get picked up for delivery. It's kind of amazing and the video helps explain what we mean:

Don't worry--we promise to keep this technology in check to help delay our eventual takeover by Skynet.

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meaningless icon! Awesome! There is finally a benefit to living in Ohio!
spitfire6006006 said this 3207 days ago.
meaningless icon! Yes! It's beautiful. :D
Serpentine.Muse said this 3207 days ago.
meaningless icon! Wonderful, so when you will start shipping to Mexico? I want several things from your catalog, like the bluetooth retro handset :¬)
jorgeluisjaral said this 3207 days ago.
meaningless icon! a. I love it when the orange thingies suddenly push the box to the next track. "Now! You go here!" b. Anyone else hear those phase shifts in the song? Kinda scary.
superrad said this 3207 days ago.
meaningless icon! a most perfect video with perfect music for perfect products!
Toxictorch said this 3207 days ago.
meaningless icon! Lol this is epic
Mcduck said this 3207 days ago.
meaningless icon! Damn! No more delivery 3 days from when I order. DC Hates you! Although, I will probably still send money..
Web Goddess said this 3207 days ago.
meaningless icon! Your robots look just like real people!
jac1002 said this 3207 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'm going to miss my next-day arrival of stuff in NY... *sigh* I suppose it's all for the greater good.
bizarrojoe said this 3206 days ago.
meaningless icon! i could watch those slidy orange things all day. and all heil the robot overlords! (just in case)
special-me said this 3199 days ago.
meaningless icon! Neat! Are your warehouse monkeys wearing wrist mounted RF guns? Because they look totally cool!
slap-jacks said this 3196 days ago.
meaningless icon! Bigger better faster. Um where's my shirt?
CyberDope said this 3145 days ago.
meaningless icon! But.... your shipping is already quick. So does this mean if I order something, I'll get it yesterday?
Kneazles said this 3143 days ago.
meaningless icon! When r u guys movin HQ to Seattle... we have plenty of monkeys!
The Last Last Dragon said this 3124 days ago.
meaningless icon! This new warehouse is like 8 mins form where i live! Can i have a job?! :)
Garyb said this 3046 days ago.
meaningless icon! so any ideas when we mexican customers would finally be count in so we can buy some of your great stuff
MacDrunk said this 3002 days ago.
meaningless icon! SWEET!!! I live in Colubus. now WE get to hog all of the best shipping times!! Take THAT New Jersey!!!
Hippo One said this 2762 days ago.
meaningless icon! lol the warehouse is only like 4 to 5 hrs from maryland and jersy is like 2 to 3 hrs away so it doesn't matter much.
firehen said this 2398 days ago.
meaningless icon! That's just down the street from me! How do I get a job there? Or a pick up from warehouse option would be awesome for the locals!
kingerman said this 2303 days ago.
meaningless icon! Cool system but I ordered a simple sonic screwdriver a 5 days ago and I payed for extra fast shipping and it still hasn't come I'm in New York so it's not even that far
zackzapper3000 said this 2137 days ago.
meaningless icon! Music makes it sound like such a terrible job. Well I guess It can't get be any worse than Amazon's pickers? XD
SomeOne247 said this 1932 days ago.
meaningless icon! My life and the lives of all geeks in Ohio have been Drastically improved.
maesterchef said this 1871 days ago.

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