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Marian Call is coming to ThinkGeek HQ!

Marian Call

Apparently ThinkGeek HQ has turned into a music hall. We're not really sure when it happened--it was really more of a cabaret for Storm's Fudgiethon--but I digress.


We recently got in touch with singer-songwriter and generally awesome Marian Call via the magic of Twitter, and it turns out she needed a Virginia venue in her 50 state tour. We could maybe help with that, we volunteered, squeeing quietly to ourselves and hoping it would work out. (We're kind of fans. Marian's an intelligent and accomplished singer and we first saw her play live at w00tstock.)

So we're excited to announce that on Wednesday, October 6th at 7pm, Marian will play at ThinkGeek HQ in Fairfax, Virginia. Our space is on the small side (that's "intimate" in venue-speak), so tickets are limited and will go on sale on Wednesday, September 22nd at 5pm ET here on Marian's site. Tickets will go fast, but do not despair if you miss 'em or you're not in the area: Marian will broadcast the show via her UStream page.

If you think you'd like to come but you're not familiar with Marian yet, please run, don't walk to her archive, and here's a video of how she introduced herself to San Diego Comic-Con.

And perhaps you'd like details on how this will go because you'd like to know what you're getting into. Doors will open at 6:30, at which point some of our more obliging monkeys will run tours around the ThinkGeek mothership; the show proper will start around or a little after 7pm. We are expecting Storm to come and with any luck there'll be a duet. Or more ice cream.

There will also be Free Things for attendees, and prizes both at the physical IRL event and via the UStream feed and Twitter (@thinkgeek and @mariancall). We will also have some light snacks at the show, but you should eat dinner first--Marian's planning on playing two 40-minute sets so we should finish up around 9pm.

Oh, and where we are. Right. We are located at precisely:

11216 Waples Mill Rd
Suite 100
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

So put October 6th on your calendar and nab your tickets on September 22nd! We can't wait to host Marian, and we're looking forward to showing you around our humble abode.

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meaningless icon! Would it be weird if I showed up the day before and camped on your lawn?
Rick Sylvanus said this 3199 days ago.
meaningless icon! Rick, it would be very weird, and worse, it'd be really awkward when we had to call the cops. The space is small so if you get a ticket, you're guaranteed a great seat--no need to camp!
CarrieGouldin said this 3199 days ago.
meaningless icon! sounds like fun. too bad i cant make it. ;(
Zhou Shuai said this 3191 days ago.

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