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10 minutes of invoice fame

We really hope our shipping invoices aren't the most exciting part of receiving your ThinkGeek loot. If you don't shove it out of the way while ripping through the box to get at the good stuff, we're doing something wrong. But next time, you may want to pause and take a look at our shiny new invoice.

First of all, there is a Timmy, and everyone loves Timmy. (You do, right? Don't tell us the MindControl Ray XLT3200 needs more tweaking.) There might also be a little coupon code on there, too, so look for that.

And starting very soon, you'll be subjected--er, treated--to nonsense contributed by your fellow geeks.

See, there's this big spot on the invoice for "notes." We don't really have anything to "note" there, unless you really want to know what we had for lunch and our opinion on Duke Nukem Forever, which are, respectively, grilled cheese and "ZOMG FINALLY!!"

So we tossed it out there to the interwebs and lo, over one thousand of our closest, most random, kind of weird Twitter and Facebook friends came to the rescue with gems such as:

  • "Thank you for your sudden but inevitable purchase." by Lindsay A.
  • "Not responsible for non-Euclidean artifacts in packing." by Cat B.
  • "Please keep your phalanges, tubercles, processes, prominences, and other such extremities inside the vehicle at all times until we have passed FULLY through the event horizon." by Becca B.
  • "PC LOAD LETTER" by Eric C.
  • "Ceci n'est pas une invoice." by @the_anastasia
  • "Many Bothans died to bring you this merchandise." by Josh L. (and, like, 30 others but it's still so good)
  • "2 by 2, hands of blue, we smuggled this past the alliance, just for you." by @elalona
  • "Don't forget your towel." by @keithtyrrell
  • "Invoices now made from 100% Ent-free paper." by @JFMathews
  • "No swallows (African or European) were harmed in the delivery of this shipment." by @russiameg
  • "Some contents may have shifted in the TARDIS ride. Any Daleks found are not the responsibility of ThinkGeek or Timmy." by @BleedingSweat
  • "Ladies, look at your man. Now back at Timmy. Now sadly your man is not Timmy, however with this merchandise he can look as nerdy as Timmy. Look down, back up. Where are we? We're on Serenity with the Timmy your man could be as nerdy as. What's in my hand? Two tickets to Comic Con. Look again, the tickets are now Galleons. Anything is possible when your man is as nerdy as Timmy." by Brian R.

...and there were tons more, so if you don't see yourself in this post, do not despair. There's still a really good chance you were one of the oodles chosen for printing.

We hope you'll enjoy the ridiculousness as much as we enjoyed reading all 1,400 of them, checking for typos and cussin' and naughty thoughts. Thanks, internet chuckleheads!

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meaningless icon! I really hope I get that Old Spice Guy TG-style one on my next order. I'm sure my hubby would be highly amused. XD
goblynn said this 3202 days ago.
meaningless icon! Did anyone do this one: "This invoice transmitted on psychic paper"
lyn-minx said this 3202 days ago.
meaningless icon! I've got one! "Warning, This box may contain a rancor."
Silver Swords said this 3202 days ago.
meaningless icon! LOL at the last one! I hope there's room for that in there. They all gave me a good chuckle. :D
JewelD said this 3201 days ago.
meaningless icon! lol I like the Monty Python reference one
zebratechg1rl said this 3201 days ago.
meaningless icon! Haha! Got a hardcore laugh out of the Old Spice parody. I'm pretty sure that's amazing and that, whoever Brian R is, he is my new geeky hero. Love this new idea Think Geek! Keep up the great work. ^_^
Supernova85 said this 3201 days ago.
meaningless icon! This might be a good one. 01010100011010000110000101101110011010110010000001111001011011110111010100101110 (Thank you.)
Rayvenwynd said this 3201 days ago.
meaningless icon! This invoice really is larger on the inside than the outside.
renee89121 said this 3201 days ago.
meaningless icon! Time And Relative Dimension Invoice Space
renee89121 said this 3201 days ago.
meaningless icon! How about, "This shipment contains the droids you were looking for"
abqcheeks said this 3201 days ago.
meaningless icon! "It saddens us to inform you that the cake is indeed, a lie, and was not included in your order."
Junglizer said this 3120 days ago.
meaningless icon! "Boldly going where many packages have gone before..."
Scott Savage said this 3120 days ago.
meaningless icon! Now the Invoice will self destruct in 5...4...3...2... Are you still reading this?!
Koi1022 said this 2419 days ago.
meaningless icon! This is not the invoice you were looking for.
JET922 said this 2376 days ago.
meaningless icon! This package and its content are green and space environment friendly: made of pure stellar dust, and certified 100% recyclable over a maximum period of 1 solar cycle (a few billion years). May the Stars be with you.
Geoloweb said this 2376 days ago.

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