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Won't you be our neighbor?

Photo of Paul and Storm by Adam Savage for w00tstockCentral

If you live in the Virginia/DC/Maryland area, you may be interested in our whereabouts in the next few weeks--not necessarily because we'll be there (with freebies!), but because August is looking pretty awesome in our neighborhood.

And if you're not in our area, that doesn't mean you can't win some free RiffTrax LIVE tickets for the 8/19 showing of Reefer Madness. (Details below.) It just means you'll miss that magic awkward moment at Fairfax Towne Center theater when we all briefly overcome our geekiness to interact in meatspace. Weird.

So here's what we'll be up to this month:

Paul & Storm at Jammin' Java

8/14 @ 7pm ($15)
We'll be there with some freebies, but you may have to hunt us (follow us on Twitter) 'cause we'll mostly be there to enjoy their potty-mouth musical stylings.

Star Trek (2009 reboot, with lens flares!) at Crystal City

8/16 @ sunset (FREE)
We're bringing 300 of our closest tribble friends to fling into the crowd (in order to detect Klingons, of course), plus Geek A Week cards, RPSLS totes, and Mr. Storm. Just look for the red "Expendable"-shirted people with a bunch of cardboard boxes.

RiffTrax LIVE: Reefer Madness + 3 new shorts

8/19 @ 8pm ($12.50)
RiffTrax is doing another live satellite broadcast of their wonderfulness across the country, and we'll be at the Fairfax Towne Center showing. If you come hang out with us, that's awesome. But if you're not in our neighborhood, no matter, for we have 5 pairs of free tickets to give away!

Here's how to win: Find your local theater by entering your zip code at the bottom of this page, then fill out your information in the Official Form of Winning below by Thursday, August 12th at midnight Eastern. We'll choose 5 random winners who will each receive 2 tickets to be picked up at their theater of choice on the day of the show. We'll notify those lucky ducks sometime on Friday, August 13th.

UPDATE 8/16: The winners have been contacted! Of course, even if you didn't get free tickets, you should still go.

Rifftrax uberfans for which randomly winning is not cool enough: You can win a swag bag and your name on screen during the broadcast by entering a joke in RiffTrax's official contest. If you're not funny but will have tickets before 8/18, you can enter to win an iPad engraved with a drawing of RiffTrax by Ethan Nicolle, co-creator of Axe Cop. Pretty sweet.

So if you'd like to see us in person, now's your chance. We'll crawl back into the server closet in September and there's no telling when Timmy will let us back out.

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meaningless icon! the form says that you'll email the winner but it never asks for your email address. Just thought I'd let ya know.
Akeldamach said this 2928 days ago.
meaningless icon! Akeldamach: GEE THAT MIGHT HELP. Just added the email address field--might end up having to call a few winners. W00t.
CarrieGouldin said this 2928 days ago.
meaningless icon! You guys planning to be at Baltimore Comic Con at the end of the month?
dortress said this 2928 days ago.
meaningless icon! dortress: A monkey or two may be there informally, and if that happens, we'll tweet it (as @thinkgeek) and put a bounty on a photo with them.
CarrieGouldin said this 2928 days ago.

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