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Top 5 Overdone Action Shots

Ever wondered what it takes to win the $100 gift certificate for Customer Action Shot of the Month? It takes a ThinkGeek product, a camera, an internet connection, and an overflowing bucket of creative juices.

Our benevolent Monkey Overlord uses his righteous criteria-of-the-moment to pick only the best of the best for the grand prize. We'd tell you how to meet those righteous criteria, except that they change by the moment. Instead, here's a list of things that have been done to death (aka What Won't Win $100).


1. BuckyBalls Jewelry

When you first crack open a package of Buckyballs, it's exciting. They're so shiny, so attractive, so very fun to manipulate. It's no wonder they are one of our best-selling products. With some time and practice, you can make some amazing creations. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are not amazing creations. Then there was that guy who sent us pictures of his girlfriend's... huge tracts of land adorned with Buckyballs. Certainly unique! Sadly, not appropriate for the site.

Pew pew pew pew!

2. Cats In/On Stuff

We all love our pets. And like parents of human spawn, we tend to think that our babies are the CUTEST ONES EVAR!!ONE!1! As pet people, we totally grok your desire to make your kitty internet famous. We're just saying, take a little time to catch them doing something really crazy. (It shouldn't take long--it's a cat after all.)

How convenient

3. Headless T-Shirt Wearers

This is one we're not sure we understand. From what we can gather, the point of Customer Action Shots is to be able to point at ThinkGeek.com and say to your friends, "Check it out! There I am on a famous website! Oh frabjous day!" There's something a little lacking in saying, "Check it out! There's my chest on a famous website!" Unless, of course, you have a particularly frabjous chest. Like this guy.

Lovey dovey timey wimey

4. Pointing Sonic Screwdriver at Camera

Yes, it's a cool shot. Unfortunately, we get at least two of these a day, so they're not unique anymore. Remember, the sonic screwdriver is the ultimate intergalactic multi-tool. Stop pointing your tool at us and start using it for other things, like eliminating that pesky BSOD, cutting wedding cake, or programming your DVR.

Roll for damage

5. Inaction Shots

We're glad that we have super creative customers that send us pictures of our products in all sorts of hilarious or clever situations. These are the kind of shots that win money! The cleverer, the better. If you make us LOL and forward your photo to the whole office, you're a shoo-in. If you stick your ThinkGeek product in front of a blank backdrop or on the floor and shoot a photo... well, not so much with the winningness.

Final Thoughts on Winning $$$ for Your Customer Action Shot

1. Resize your photo, please! We don't need it bigger than 500 pixels wide and 72 ppi. We'll let you know if we need the full-size, high-res version for the catalog centerfold.

2. Be sure it's CLEAR. We reject a lot of otherwise cool photos because they're too blurry.

3. Don't put your URL on the bottom. We can't give you free advertising (or free stalkers, for the ladies).

Remember, every time you send in a Customer Action Shot of yourself, you're giving us a bit of your soul. The souls of ThinkGeek customers are what keep Timmy warm at night, so keep mailing them in!

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meaningless icon! #1 is major "MEH!" I can't wait until those tacky, over the top acrylic nails are out of style. What a waste of buckyballs!
jezibel said this 2970 days ago.
meaningless icon! They've been out of style for years, Jezibel, and hideous since their introduction. However, we geeks always seem to be behind the curve on such things.
John Maddening said this 2970 days ago.
meaningless icon! As one of the first few people to pull a number four, I apologize...
TimeLady91 said this 2970 days ago.

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