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Vote for your favorite SysAdmin!

Last week we launched our SysAdmin Day Survival Pack contest with prizes like a handmade Steampunk cork gun, our USB Rocket Launcher, Gunnar Computer Glasses, Luxeed U5 Dynamic Pixel LED Keyboard, and more.

And here are our ten finalists, in no particular order! They're all worth a read, and you'll find the voting form below. You may vote for up to 3 and only 3 nominees--we won't count more votes than that. Oh, and btw, your vote enters you for a chance to win a $30 ThinkGeek gift certificate.

The voting period lasts through July 29th at midnight, Eastern time, so be sure to vote by then! We'll announce our winners on SysAdmin Day, July 30.

UPDATE 7/30/10 9:20am ET: Voting is closed, and our winners have been announced! Congrats to Daniel O, Director of IT, in Fresno, CA!

1. Mark K., Network Administrator, in Wilmington, DE
nominated by Ben C.
Mark works tirelessly to keep the interwebz routed. Once when experiencing an outage, spiderman-like, he extended a prosthetic patch cable from each arm to bridge a disruption. Mark works tirelessly to all hours of the night personally powering the internets with his exercise-generator bike. Mark also keeps a stash of 10,000 AOL install CDs "just in case" our fiber lines fail.

2. Daniel O., Director of IT, in Fresno, CA
nominated by Tracy B.
We work for a Boys & Girls Club, and Daniel is our sole IT person for 16 sites, and often has to deal with staff and volunteers who are clueless on how computers operate. "Oh, it needs to be turned on for the printer to be used by other people?" or "My computer died, and I forgot that you told me I needed to back up my files. Is there someway that I can get that document back?" Since we're a non-profit, we get donated doorstops by people who've upgraded their systems, and think they're doing a wonderful thing by giving us something that still uses Windows 95. Somehow, he's been able to integrate everything, keep it all running and still teach kids how to properly navigate the internet. I realize that we're small potatoes compared to others, but to several thousand kids who use our computer rooms on a daily basis, Danny's dedication and devotion to technology is something we depend on...and often, underappreciate.

3. Jeff L., The (Not So Social) Systems Administrator, in College Station, TX
nominated by Kelly D.
In a dark corner of an office, in the ambient light cast by a wall of monitors, resides the NSSSA (NotSoSocialSystemsAdmin).One monitor will have virtualization going on, another a photo of an asylum & yet another might be tracking & containing Conficker while he supports the guild on a fourth. True Story. BUT, our systems run like lightening all due to the efforts of our NSSSA. He deserves to be SysKing for two reasons:(1)He is still a little mad that no one texted him that one weekend we had great weather to tell him to go outside&(2)glass bottled cokes are the only perks we can afford. Our NSSSA is not allowed to have a LART or even a PFY to offer assistance during the worst IUFs caused by their failure to RTFM. And he settles for that. Mostly because he hates talking to people, but that's not the point. The point is that we've got an underpaid and really appreciated NSSSA here and we need YOU to help us let him know how much we care. Mostly because he hates when we talk to him.

4. Cassie E., Systems Administrator, in Denver, CO
nominated by Cary H.
Defender of Domain, Master of Disaster... recovery plans, Vanquisher of Viruses. Cassie has been SysAdmin for Pinion for two years and is always at the ready, traveling between multiple facilities across several states to maintain and upgrade servers, switches, routers and workstations at each. Cassie is calm and patient, often explaining to deaf ears the cause of their plight. She is polite: always "please and thank you", never "move". And though training for a marathon, planning a wedding and maintaining whatever semblance of a social life a sysadmin can really have, she is continually dedicated to her company, career and coworkers at all times... even when Lost is on.

5. Bill H., Web Manager, in Terre Haute, IN
nominated by Martin C.
If you think working in a corporate world is fun, try working in an institution of higher education. A world where everything is decided by committee and a world where you need to get 2 committees to agree before adding a button to the home page. No, this isn't the Twilight Zone, it is Indiana State University. Bill has been working the web for many years. He helped create one of the first sites in Illinois (for the government) and has had the honor of being cussed out by a former president of the United States. Bill is caught in a world where he tries to keep the multitude of personal, departmental, and primary sites running smoothly, keeping everything functional, and making a gaggle of committee members happy while keeping his sanity. (No guarantee on the sanity). Bill needs toys to play with before he trades in his geek card for a rubber room.

6. Victoria D., Network Systems Administrator, in Cleveland, OH
nominated by Eric W.
Vicky is the Network Systems Administrator at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. Though a glamour-less job, it is one that requires the most work in the building and rarely gets the appreciation it deserves. Since we cannot block normally-flagged content due to research (i.e. Sex Pistols, etc.), she must constantly safeguard our systems by other various means. Vicky should definitely be nominated as the SysQueen of 2010 because she's constantly working and just so darned stubborn! Recently, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and even when told (nay, ordered) not to work, she remotely logged in from her bed to command the network! While she's back to work now, she sits in the deepest, darkest dungeons of the Facilities department and seeks no adulation for her hard work (even though I maintain she deserves our constant appreciation). Adventure. Hmph! Excitement. Hmph! A SysAdmin craves not these things.

7. Isaac S. in Houston, TX
nominated by Gabriela Y.
I'd respectfully like to nominate my Sysadmin. As with all Sysadmins, mine is not human, he is, according to himself, a semi-God.What can one say about the Lord of the Servers? Commander of Internet Filters, Mage of the Code, Maker of Miracles and Guard against disaster and ultimate annihilation? (I'm trying to get on his good side) This semi-god of cyberspace can determine your future with a single key stroke (how's that for power?), can be magnanimous or a tyrant depending on his caffeine intake and he's not afraid to flaunt his trekkiness. His daily endeavors include repeating phrases such as "No, the printer does not have a virus", "I cannot save internet into your flash drive", and "Click on the icon in your desktop... the one on your screen, not your actual desk" But mostly, he deserves a treat and recognition on his day, because he excels in what he does, making entire companies work from his console 24/7. I can send you this nomination because of him. Are you working in cahoots?

8. Devon M., SysAdmin, QA, Technology Go-To Guy, in Chicago, IL
nominated by Jennifer U.
Already known for being an all around nice guy who you can count on in a pinch, Devon's ability to obliterate the box most people think in to solve problems quickly became legendary in the office courtesy of one particular day when ComEd unexpectedly cut our building's power in the middle of the workday with no plans of reinstating it until the middle of the night. While almost everyone else was sitting around with a "snow day" mentality, our customer service team was in a panic because phones & computers were dead. Devon's level head & focus saved the day. In an effort that can only be described as "MacGyver-ian", Devon used 2 borrowed smart phones & some sort of wicked tech voodoo to re-route our customer service team's phone system to a series of cellphones. Our CS Manager estimated that Devon saved the company from losing at least $10,000 in revenue. Maybe re-routing phone systems with a smart-phone is routine at other companies, but we were mightily impressed by the effort!

9. Jackie B., GuppyJack the Queen of Code, in Calgary, Alberta
nominated by Amilee W.
Jackie is a single mother, yes, I'm playing on your sympathy, but really? She doesn't need it. She's super strong willed with this uncanny ability to code and fix things without even trying. Not only does she spend upwards of 12 hours a day at work fixing errors and problems with code and computers, she comes home and gives her daughter all the love in the world she needs. She's also not bad lookin. This is a problem for a career minded femme in a company comprising of pretty much all males. Not only does she have to defend against other jealous admins (which is every other day) she also has to deal with them wanting to go out with her. Intelligent, beautiful, single and independent. Come on, if she doesn't need protection who does?

10. Lew A., System Guru, in Athens, GA
nominated by Kate S. (and 5 others)
One particularly awesome Lew moment comes to mind; he and his wife were on vacation, presumably driving somewhere to get away from us, when we had a problem with a site launch. After an embarrassing number of calls to his cell phone, he actually braved the wrath of his long-suffering wife to pull over at a McDonald's to pick up wi-fi and fix the problem. I'm not sure Mrs. Lew will forgive us, but it certainly made the client happy. That's just sort of typical Lew. He works on weekends, you can catch him on chat at 11pm Sunday night, and he's an absurdly talented codsyser on top of all of that. Definitely deserving of a little love from ThinkGeek.

UPDATE 7/30/10 9:20am ET: Voting is closed, and our winners have been announced! Congrats to Daniel O, Director of IT, in Fresno, CA!

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meaningless icon! 2, 6, & 8 are the ones to vote for!
notaboyscout said this 2947 days ago.
meaningless icon! How did these folks get chosen for the top ten? What made them stand out? Someone please explain the criteria.
pixiexele said this 2947 days ago.
meaningless icon! Pixiexele, they were chosen by a mostly impartial panel of monkeys from the many entries we received. They are normally distracted by shiny objects; we hope they were more focused than usual for this task.
CarrieGouldin said this 2947 days ago.
meaningless icon! Our Sysadmins should not be punished for our lack of ability to express gratitude in proper tech-writing and I don't speak geek very well. I won't bore you again with a detailed account on how extraordinary my Sys Admin is. So just VOTE for number 7. All the other nominees are awesome as well. Congrats to all!
gysunza said this 2947 days ago.
meaningless icon! 7 has always been my absolute favourite number, and in this case the best choice. Congrats to everyone on this list!
gysunza said this 2947 days ago.
meaningless icon! Go for 6! Long live rock!
xIntelx said this 2946 days ago.
meaningless icon! Ha ha, cute answer, Carrie. ::) But really. What were the criteria? I'm dying of curiosity!
pixiexele said this 2945 days ago.
meaningless icon! Vote for Devon!! Vote #8!!
ragdyann422 said this 2945 days ago.
meaningless icon! I like 7. He is a mage, pew pew.
Toxictorch said this 2944 days ago.
meaningless icon! NUMBER 1!!! VOTE :) Go Mark!
Fleur1380 said this 2943 days ago.

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