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See you at San Diego Comic-Con?

It's the time of year when everybody starts talking about San Diego Comic-Con. Usually you'd find us rocking back and forth, muttering something about lucky dogs and how Fairfax, Virginia is the most magical place in the world anyways.

But this year, some of us monkeys are going! For those stuck at home, we'll try to take plenty of photos so you may live vicariously through our adventures. And for those we hope to meet at SDCC (and oh, we do, because we'll have things to give you), here's the game plan.

Where you will find us

Thursday night is w00tstock night, that most amazing night of geekery on stage. And we're working with Ice Cream Man, the dude in the ice cream truck that gives away frozen treats, to deliver the best waiting-in-line experience you've ever had. He'll be set up around 5:15 and we'll be there with $30 gift certificates for the first 10 people to come by and say they're with Timmy. The magical fountain of free ice cream will dry up by 6:15 at the latest.

If you haven't been to a w00tstock before, you gotta come to this one. If you have been before, you still have to come. The Venn diagram for this can only be described as a circle of awesome. The show is at 4th & B and doors open at 6:30; show is at 7:30. Len will have his Geek A Week card packs handy, too!

On Friday night, we'll be in attendance at RiffTrax Live, and the Geek Girls Network tweetup at Jolt 'N Joes. Other events to be tweeted.

Saturday night is the San Diego Zombie Walk starting at 4th and Broadway at 6pm, and though we might miss the braaaains, we'd like to lurch in to the Happy Hour of the Undead that will follow. Other events to be tweeted.

Some of the panels an' stuff we'll likely be attending: Big Bang Theory, Marvel: Cup O' Joe, The Joss Whedon Experience, AOTS, Geek Girls Exist, Adult Swim Panel, Girls Gone Genre, Mythbusters, Futurama, The Guild, and anything Star Wars, TRON, or Green Lantern.

"Can I buy/steal things from your booth?"

There is no booth; we're not there to sell things and we get twitchy sitting in one spot for too long so we're mobile this year. (Follow @thinkgeek for updates on location and Timmy's adventures in costumery.)

Here's what we look like so you'll be able to spot us:

Left to right: Mike, who wishes the Tribble could come along; Carrie, who'll tweet the entire time; and Jamie, who will almost certainly be smiling like that the entire trip.

When you find us, you'll first notice the amazing double rainbows. If you survive that, we'll have a top-secret coupon code to give you, some effing sweet Geek A Week card packs by Len Peralta, and other random goodies we'll carry around for your amusement.

And of course, there will be Timmy and his costumes, with whom you will be allowed to pose for photographs. But please do not ask him to sign your butt, boobs, or any other nakey bits. He's a professional for cripe's sake.

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meaningless icon! wishing i could go,of course. have fun!
james4115 said this 2982 days ago.
meaningless icon! Gah! Geekgasm. Wish I could go. Need the freebies and the monkey goodness. Have fun and enjoy yourselves for me!
VanGo87 said this 2982 days ago.
meaningless icon! Too bad I'm on the stupid east coast and broke beyond all reason. blah!
Caitlin2009 said this 2982 days ago.
meaningless icon! I will see you guys there
spookybeef said this 2982 days ago.
meaningless icon! 15 years in So Cal and I've *nevar evar* been to Comic-Con >_< I'm attempting to send my friend and her husband to search for you guys, though. I'm sure you all (especially Timmy) will have fun!
RaDragon said this 2982 days ago.
meaningless icon! I shall see you there Sunday, and accost you for freebies. hugzenkissz W
waknatious said this 2982 days ago.
meaningless icon! *le sigh* So envious of those that are going. It sounds like such an awesome geekarific time.
KittiesOnAcid said this 2982 days ago.
meaningless icon! Sadly, I will not be there this year. As a geek kid, it's nigh impossible to get to Comic-con and enjoy the awesome. Maybe if I mow some more lawns and generate enough money for a plane ticket... ah, well. ThinkGeek better be there next year!
G34R said this 2981 days ago.

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