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Happy SysAdmin Day!

We love xkcd

We'd like to honor each and every SysAdmin out there laboring in the networks, armpit deep in Cat5, fending off feral lusers, and maintaining that small black box with a flashing red light called The Internet. We salute you, SysAdmin heroes and heroines far and wide!

Now, to unveil the winners of our SysAdmin Survival Pack.

First, a thank you to our nominators, without whom we wouldn't have heard the harrowing tales of our esteemed SysAdmin nominees. May your your emails arrive with attachments intact and your hard disks be free of malware henceforth.

It wasn't easy to randomly throw darts--er, carefully choose the 10 nominees selected for public praise and voting. We hope that all the nominees get the respect they deserve today, but especially our winner, chosen by popular vote:

SysAdmin King Daniel O., Director of IT, in Fresno, CA, who wins a Steampunk cork pop gun and all this stuff
And his nominator Tracy B., who wins a $100 ThinkGeek gift certificate

The winning entry, written by Tracy:
"We work for a Boys & Girls Club, and Daniel is our sole IT person for 16 sites, and often has to deal with staff and volunteers who are clueless on how computers operate. "Oh, it needs to be turned on for the printer to be used by other people?" or "My computer died, and I forgot that you told me I needed to back up my files. Is there someway that I can get that document back?" Since we're a non-profit, we get donated doorstops by people who've upgraded their systems, and think they're doing a wonderful thing by giving us something that still uses Windows 95. Somehow, he's been able to integrate everything, keep it all running and still teach kids how to properly navigate the internet. I realize that we're small potatoes compared to others, but to several thousand kids who use our computer rooms on a daily basis, Danny's dedication and devotion to technology is something we depend on...and often, underappreciate."

Runners-up each receiving a $50 gift certificate:
1. Jeff L., The (Not So Social) Systems Administrator, in College Station, TX
2. Devon M., SysAdmin, QA, Technology Go-To Guy, in Chicago, IL

Random $30 gift certificate-winning voter: wolfdragoons24

Congratulations, winners! We'll be in touch via email soon.

So happy SysAdmin Day, geeks. We leave you with this epic story submitted by Indigo Dreams:

"Early in the day on April 1st, I noticed that the ubiquitous Rick Roll video was playing on our website, and I thought, "we got hacked!" I started drafting an email to clients while an engineer tried to go in and disable our servers... and he was blocked.

There was a little panic. Our head engineer called up Greg, our SysAdmin, and asked him to go manually unplug the servers. A little later, we got a call from Greg. He said there were cops at the data center because someone was inside with a gun. We heard shots in the background, and Greg said that he had to go, and hung up.

We did the only logical thing in this situation: we called 911. Greg called back, and we told him we called the cops and then had to get off of the phone because 911 was calling back.

While talking to 911, our CEO finally called back, and as it turns out, the ENTIRE thing was a ruse. The video was only playing locally on our IP. The guys were blocked out to keep them from discovering that. Greg was never at the data center--he was at his computer at home with sound effects.

But we had actually called the cops! As it turns out, they sent five squads to the data center. When they found out it was a prank, they paid a visit to our good old SysAdmin at home. He didn't get in trouble in the end, but the cops did ask him what he expected to happen given the situation, and suggested something a little more "low-key" next time.

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meaningless icon! "maintaining that small black box with a flashing red light called The Internet." The IT Crowd, FTW!
elektra27 said this 2975 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thx for posting the story guys...forwarded a link to those involved...I am sure they will be amused.
indigo.dream said this 2975 days ago.
meaningless icon! Congrats to all the winners!!! Happy SysAdmin Day! http://www.SysAdminday.com
TedKekatos said this 2975 days ago.

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