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Dang it's good to be a GeekDad

Tim and his loot

We can hardly remember what it was like an entire month ago when it wasn't 105 degrees out and we didn't have to wear stillsuits just to get across the parking lot.

But we were reminded of those sweeter, gentler days when we got an email from Tim, our Ultimate GeekDad Giveaway winner who seems to have recovered from the shock of being randomly drawn to win a whole pile of awesome for Father's Day. We were happy to hear that not only was our contest winner a father of two, but also a network systems manager.

It couldn't have worked out better--except for creating iPad envy at his office:

"The only negative part of this whole thing is that I had to tell the Network Tech that works for me that I won. He had entered the contest several times to win the iPad for his wife. She was wanting a laptop badly. It was sort of sad, afterall, he told me about the contest last Wednesday. At the last minute, I entered the contest and won! He took it fairly well, he's a very good sport."

Tim and his kids playing with his loot

And not only do his sons share the brand-new Xbox 360 (how nice of them!) but they're putting the tech to work:

"The boys and I will use the 8gb video watch for martial arts. They just promoted to 1st Dan in Hapkido and I have made them several training videos that will be ultra handy on the video watch."

That's right: Tim and his boys are into Tactical Hapkido. Luckily they haven't had to use their mad skillz to defend their loot, but it's good to know this geek family is prepared--'cause that's a lot of stuff.

Thanks for the update from the field, Tim!

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meaningless icon! Man, he's a lucky dad! I entered this contest too, and was hoping to win, since this was my first father's day AS a father. Congratulations, Tim!
Jintoushi said this 2988 days ago.
meaningless icon! That's so heartwarming that i think it might overheat it good thing I have whiskey stones
shadey said this 2988 days ago.
meaningless icon! I've never got anything for my dad for either father's day or his birthday. Guess I've been kinda un-cool in that respect. So I bought my dad a a top of the line iPad 3G for father's day a few weeks ago. He LOVES it. He travels a lot, so it's perfect for him on the plane and in airports.
Sembiance said this 2987 days ago.

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