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Timmy was almost* in space!!

Timmy & BigTrak Jr How high did Timmy go?

The moment of rocketry truth is here: Just how high did Timmy go this week?

His altimeter logged a whopping 5,297 feet, it turns out, which means he was only 322,787 feet from space! Still a long way to go, of course, but not a bad first step, and perhaps a keeper for his resume to NASA.

We got a lot of guesses, and as you can see from the infographic, a lot of delightfully wrong guesses. (Josi guessed "0 inches: failure to launch." Eep.)

The winner of the $150 gift certificate who came closest to a guess of 5,297 was Joshua with his estimation of--this is actually pretty incredible--5,296 feet. That's only 1 foot off. Moral of this story: don't mess with Joshua's giant pulsating brain.

Our second place winners (whose brains are still large, surely) and winners of $100 gift certficiates, are Megajazzer (5,287 feet) and Schubba (5,250 feet).

Sadly, the video camera on Timmy's rocket didn't work as planned, but we did get a series of stills we've stitched into a video. See if you can spot where he started peeing his pants.

There's more pics of his exploits in the Flickr album!

*Not even close. But he likes to pretend.

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meaningless icon! Yay, Timmy! I wasn't sure how to work with the rocket engine info provided, so my math was definitely shoddy. I think I said 2134 feet. Should've asked the rocket experts. ;)
saram said this 3284 days ago.
meaningless icon! Yay for Timmy! He went that far without a single hallucinogen in his system.
LifeofPi said this 3278 days ago.

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