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ThinkGeek's Ultimate GeekDad Giveaway

ThinkGeeks Ultimate GeekDad Giveaway

UPDATE: This contest has ended!

Congratulations to our GeekDad winner, Tim from Blountville, TN, and our surprise runner up, Alex from Jersey City, NJ! They've been contacted about their winningness, and we're sorry, but if you are not one of those two, you are still a winnar in our books--just not one with prizes.

It's a major award!*

Geek Dads are awesome, but don't just take our word for it--read what Ken Denmead, editor of GeekDad, had to say about it:

Dads in general want their kids to enjoy the things they do, and Geek Dads are no different. But kids tend to react badly to being overtly maneuvered into their passions. The challenge lies in taking an almost Zen-like approach ("Use the Force, Luke!"). Tell them they can't watch Evil Dead until they're older. Leave your D&D books lying around the house. Buy and build that giant LEGO set for yourself, and then see who comes around begging to join the fun. When they ask you to share your geeky passions with them, it's like beating the boss and leveling up. It's made of win.

After reading that we figured it was time to do something special: The Ultimate GeekDad giveaway.

Coming up with the right prize package was tough. We asked our resident Geek Dads what they'd like for Father's Day and heard the usual grumbling about rocket launchers, a desktop DARPA BigDog, or just a simple way to handle Facebook privacy.

The first two were no problem, but that last one was going to be a pretty tall order so we settled for this Grand Prize:

  • Signed copy of Ken Denmead's Geek Dad book
  • GeekDad t-shirt
  • Choice of game system (Xbox, PS3 slim, or Wii)
  • $100 Gift card from Gamestop to load up on games
  • 16GB iPad with wi-fi
  • $100 iTunes gift card for appage
  • $500 ThinkGeek gift certificate (you know, just in case)
  • TiVo Premiere

All of this loot goes to the grand prize winner. Yep. We're not calling it the Ultimate GeekDad Giveaway for nothing. Winner takes all. Geek Dads ftw!

6/8 Update of Awesomeness

TiVo DVR FTW!! You might have noticed that we added a new product to the stack! Our friends at TiVo heard about the contest and wanted to show their appreciation for Geek Dads everywhere by offering up a new TiVo Premiere. It doesn't include the additional service, just the box but said box is pretty sweet. Check out the specs here: TiVo Premiere

CANADA! (almost) We've been working to expand the contest to peoples of distant lands (at least distant to us). Currently, we've got Canada (excluding Quebec--sorry!). As it states in the legalese, you'll be responsible for the taxes and duties on the prize, if customs decides to charge you. We're trying our best to add more, but we can't promise anything just yet. It's fun learning lots of new rules and tape jumping or whatever it is you call this tangle of stuff...

Nitty gritty FAQ:

Q. Do you have to be a dad to enter? What are the rules?
A. No. However, handing over a prize package like this to your dear old dad is a sure way to secure your spot in the will. Go ahead and sign up.  You can even use your own name.  If you win, send along the loot!  Still, while you're asking, you might want to check out the legalese [PDF].

Q. I've already got a Wii, a PS3, and an Xbox (not to mention every other game console since 1981). Can I pick something else?
A. No, but can we come live with you!? Seriously though, these are the prizes. You can't get cash equivalents or a stack of NEO-GEOs a mile high spliced together to form a small render farm.

Q. When does the contest end?
A. The contest closes on Friday, June 11th, 2010 at 11:59pm ET. The winner will be announced on Monday, June 14th.

* Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian.

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meaningless icon! As a longtime customer and spender with you guys, I'd like to say thanks for this awesome contest opportunity!! Oh, and... "Somebody set up us the bomb" :)
Dj AddybeaR said this 3302 days ago.
meaningless icon! Do you mean xbox 360, or just an xbox?
Londonbrig0 said this 3301 days ago.
meaningless icon! Londonbrig0: We mean Xbox 360, of course!
CarrieGouldin said this 3300 days ago.
meaningless icon! Just wanna make sure. Its one time on-line entry right?
layseadaze said this 3300 days ago.
meaningless icon! is it sad that in my house we have an Xbox 360, 2 PS3's, a Wii, Turbo Graffix, Turbo Express, and Nintendo???? And I hope I win this, my dad needs as much as an escape from my mom as possible since retirement, LOL.
CoCoEscape said this 3300 days ago.
meaningless icon! layseadaze: Yes, one time online entry!
CarrieGouldin said this 3299 days ago.
meaningless icon! This wold be a great price for my fatherly substitute who works way too hard and needs to chill. And who's also a pretty good guy.
Yakimaniac said this 3295 days ago.
meaningless icon! Can Australian Geek Dads enter or ONLY those in US/Canada?
PDT said this 3295 days ago.
meaningless icon! Any chances of expanding the contest to Brazil too? I could pay the expenses of delivery and other taxes, if necessary...
yuki1406 said this 3295 days ago.
meaningless icon! Sorry, international friends; we're only able to extend the contest to Canadians (who are not in Quebec). International prize laws are complicated so we're going to try, but probably not in time for the end of the contest at this point.
CarrieGouldin said this 3294 days ago.
meaningless icon! I sent an email to the site and the response said I could enter as many times as I want to online. This forum states otherwise. What is the real answer?
OriginalDuplicate said this 3294 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hey you guys. Thanks so much for holding this contest. Even though it's a slim to none chance of winning, It's still fun to dream!
Bexxy said this 3290 days ago.
meaningless icon! So, are you going to announce the winners? or did I miss it already?
brokenimage321 said this 3287 days ago.
meaningless icon! So...have you announced the winner yet, or did I miss it?
brokenimage321 said this 3287 days ago.
meaningless icon! When's the next contest? I wanna win something.....NOW!
oldnkranky said this 3243 days ago.

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