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Say, look at the fluffy one!

If Domo's going to wear a dress, he'd want something with some slink.

We weren't sure what to do about Timmy's clothing for Comic-Con at the end of July. He just couldn't go in his normal t-shirt. We're talking Comic-Con here, people.

So we created a little Google form and innocently tweeted a request for costume submissions. A few hours later, 80 crafty geeks had signed up to contribute to his wardrobe. And then we shut the form down because Timmy didn't want to have to check a bag.

A few costumes have come in early--greeted by much squeeing and excitement--and we couldn't keep them to ourselves. Below is a slideshow of Timmy's growing trousseau:

Want to see these costumes on a Timmy? Stay tuned. We'll post photos of costumes as they arrive, and maybe Timmy will do more modeling later.

Meanwhile, we have to share some close-ups of the outfits by @nonnymouse_ (aka Laurie): Jedi with saber and (zomg is this really happening) Kaylee's foofaraw ball gown as seen above in the shop window. And no, Wash, you may not borrow any money to purchase Domo a dress.

Yes, Timmy's gonna try crossdressing. What happens at Comic-Con... gets tweeted and Flickred? Ah well.

Sewing nerds, gaze ye upon Laurie's hems, gathers, pleating, linings, tucks, tapes, and handmade tassels!

What other costumes are we expecting by mid-July? Here's just a sampling of the staggeringly awesome list:

11th Doctor by @spiritmuse
Another Doctor Who outfit by @gojirama
Arthur Dent in pjs, David Tennant by @queen_catriona
Birdo by @studioelle
Borg by @SchoolmarmDE
Buster by @sewdotcoe
Chainmaille by @ChainedtotheStrange
Chewie or R2? by @angelaattorney
Cornelius by @webmonkees
Crow by @jenbeau
Dalek or Mal by @bookjunky0616
Darth Vader by @Krista_Kat
Dr. Horrible? by @juniorvindahl
Ewok by @RaDragon
Facehugger attack by @Breckismyname
Fat Bastard by @Orivia
Freakazoid by @b0de
Ghostbusters by @kunikodarkangel
Iron Man by @darthlaura
Iron Man, Doc Brown (white hair?) by @chanpai
Jamie Hyneman by @jp197012
Jedi Robe and lightsaber by @nonnymouse_
Katamari by @Daniora
Kick Ass or Luchador by @sinrider
King Arthur from Holy Grail by @siouxsiequeue
Kratos (with accessories?) by @Indranyx
Mario Tanooki suit by @chicgeek
NASA cleanroom suit by @SpacePlumr
none by @brittina
Octorok? by @zombietrudy
Pikachu by @ravenstarwind
Red shirt + tribble, Hurley by @BooMeringue
Robot by @angelanoel
Roller derby by @mspixieriot
Scorpius from Farscape, Heston from Planet of the Apes by @tehnakki
Sheldon by @saltwater425
Smoke Monster, Sonic by @Michelelk
Some other Doctor Who character? by @RegencyDrama
Something else Trek? by @lizzybees
Squall from FF8 by @krissylin
Star Trek shirt by @trekfleets
The Monarch by @apocengine
TRON suit by @Wills42
Yoda by @Sweeneybird
Zaphod by @Carriness
Zapp Brannigan by @Sekelsky
Zombie @readysteadystop

If we were in touch and you don't see yourself in that list, that just means that you were arbitrarily cut out for length reasons. Timmy is still looking forward to wearing your creation!

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meaningless icon! Really looking forward to seeing pics of a lot of these. While the lightsaber is cool, my favorite pic so far is the Tron Timmy :)
Merennulli said this 3283 days ago.
meaningless icon! I want to snuggle froofaraw Timmy. :D
Daewynn said this 3283 days ago.
meaningless icon! Ooh! A Kaylee dress AND a mini Jayne hat! So much Browncoat winnage right now!
Swarley said this 3283 days ago.
meaningless icon! OMG!! i can't wait to see timmy at comicon. we shall frolic in the geekiness!
kthulhu101 said this 3283 days ago.
meaningless icon! Whose the cutest lil' Dalek ever? *pinches cheek*
KittiesOnAcid said this 3282 days ago.

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