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Guillaume reviews Star Wars, begs for suggestions

Last Friday we sat Guillaume, our favorite French codemonkey, in front of our conference room screen and subjected him to the best kind of rigorous scientific observation: a Star Wars-themed movie night.

Being an obliging test subject and always willing to share his geek naturalization story, he wrote the following mission debrief:


Absolutely hilarious! I've always thought that being a Stormtrooper could be glamorous, but I guess that only a few get the privilege of dying on the Death Star. Most of them just have to police boring outer worlds and deal with common (imperial) law enforcement problems.

Favorite quotes:
"I've got a wife and kids too, but you don't see me out here stealing imperial droids, do you?"
"We gotta find their nephew-- Duke?"

[Ed. We've heard from the creator of TROOPS, who says he has something cooking in time for Comic-Con. We look forward to seeing what he's been up to!]

Hardware Wars

I liked the fact that a lot of the dialogues were first-degree humor versions of what happens in the movie. I'll totally start referring to the "Droid-kid" in Star Wars-related conversations from now on.

Favorite quotes:
"Oh no, it's too weird in here!"
"Do you feel a great disturbance in the force [...]? No, just a headache."

Robot Chicken: "Star Wars"

I love Robot Chicken, but I hadn't seen that particular episode. Lesson learned: get something better than a crybaby dark Sith lord to protect thermal exhausts less than 2 meters wide!

Favorite quotes:
"What the hell is an aluminium falcon?"
"That thing wasn't even fully paid off yet! Do you have any idea of what this will do to my credit?"
"Oh geez, he's crying". [giggle]

Star Wars, non CGI version

I actually have never seen the CGI version, but I saw the non-CGI version more than 15 years ago, in French.

What struck me is that Princess Leia's voice is just as annoying in English as it was in the French version, but Han sounds smarter in English. I'm sure you've guessed though that Chewbacca sounds exactly the same in all the localized versions of Star Wars.

POLL UPDATE 5/10 9:58am EDT: Office Space declared winnar!

We'll just have to stock up on red staplers.

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meaningless icon! Star Trek II, then for sh*ts and giggles, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, and then his assignment will be The Ewok Adventure. ;)
RaDragon said this 3327 days ago.
meaningless icon! Or you could mashup... TROOOOOOOOOOOOOONNN!!!
andrewofnagy said this 3327 days ago.
meaningless icon! You may as well prepare him for the new TRON. If you want to be super evil (which I know you do), you could extend his Star Wars education and make him watch the Star Wars Holiday Special.
RunnerNDA said this 3327 days ago.
meaningless icon! Office Space. So much out there to watch!!
Xtatic said this 3327 days ago.
meaningless icon! Wrath of Khan, Robot Chicken did it as an italian opera which was beautiful.
DalekEmpress said this 3327 days ago.
meaningless icon! Tron is winning, excellent, EXCELLENT!
Londonbrig0 said this 3327 days ago.
meaningless icon! Perhaps Wrath of Tron?
MortifiedMarmot said this 3327 days ago.
meaningless icon! Tron is not only a great nerd flick, it's also an '80s classic. Tron all the way!
FPSB - IGNORANCE said this 3327 days ago.
meaningless icon! I'm voting office space just because the rest have SO MUCH to follow up with, while OS stands on its own. The rest he will, undoubtably see in due time, but OS could easily be bypassed, so it is necessary to show him now, while it is fresh in your minds. I just hope it is as humorous to him as it is to Americans.
Monstro said this 3327 days ago.
meaningless icon! Office Space it is!
Jacob said this 3316 days ago.

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