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It's always for a friend

In the tradition of sharing our interesting customer service stories with you, dear reader, we have unearthed another gem we hope you'll enjoy.

Please note that we've corrected the letter with some punctuation to help clarify the situation.

right, your friend, uh huh

Here's the transcript in case you have trouble with the text:

Dear ThinkGeek Co.
I became a customer of your products for a short time, thru a magazine ad, which I purchase (2) two GB video watches. One for a friend and the other for me, however I had to return my watch for a refund, because, I simply could not load the watch with video! The watch was very much to my liking and I wanted to keep it, but I could not put any video off my computer on it. So I requesting to your company if you can send me an easy to understand step by step guide on how to load the watch with video. I've tried to load some free porn downloads as a gag gift for a friend, but was not able to do so, even using the software that came with the watch. If you company could provide me with the simplest instruction for idiots such as myself. It would please me to purchase another watch (this time be able to load it) for myself & spread the word with friends and family about your company products and services. Thank you in kindest regards I remain..

Good times.

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meaningless icon! that's pretty funny.. because it's 2010 and someone wrote an actual paper letter after buying video watches
fabgeekling said this 3430 days ago.
meaningless icon! maybe the guy couldn't write an e-mail because of all the porn he had on his computer "for gags"
King_Robert said this 3429 days ago.
meaningless icon! The irony.....it burns!
etherknight said this 3429 days ago.
meaningless icon! I like the fact that the guy who wrote this scratched out 09 in the date to put 10. Just goes to show how far behind he is. I mean, come one! Writing letters is SO passé! ~rofl~
Velkon said this 3429 days ago.
meaningless icon! HAHAHA wow thank you for that i need some thing to make me laugh.
glamdering said this 3428 days ago.
meaningless icon! "Also the nom nom nom Lunchbag wasn't very good at hiding the smell of my friends pot he asked me to hold on to for him."
FPSB - IGNORANCE said this 3428 days ago.
meaningless icon! lol. Who writes paper letters? Someone who really wants to put some effort into things I guess! It certainly made me laugh to see this!
HouseMDfan said this 3428 days ago.
meaningless icon! Epic fail!
EquineJargon said this 3361 days ago.

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