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Contest Update: We still need your rocking, bricking

The ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Shirt Contest!!

Update 3/16/10: We're determining the finalists to send to Neversoft and will let the top rockers know who they are by 3/19!

If you received (or gifted yourself) a ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Shirt this holiday season, you've had enough time to master the art of rocking your face off--and that means you should enter your rock video into our contest!

Check out the competition so far:

Think you could do better and win a $500 ThinkGeek gift certificate, a Super Bundle of Band Hero gear from the folks at Neversoft, and a spot on our homepage? Set up the ol' webcam and get recording by 2/28/10 'cause we're ready to rock!

The ThinkGeek Brick Construction Shirt Contest!!

Update 3/16/10: We've picked the finalists and just let them know who they are via email, so check your inboxes if you entered! Mr. Sawaya will make the final 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place picks by April 1, 2010.

We're still looking for the best brick art to fit on at 14x20 stud plate! The baron of brick himself, Nathan Sawaya, will be judging the entrants and augmenting a $500 gift certificate prize with a custom brick sculpture. No pressure, though.

Some of the best submissions to date:

Want the chance to impress Mr. Sawaya? Enter your brick art by 2/28/10!

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meaningless icon! dude awsome how many entreys are there
captaincanada said this 3116 days ago.
meaningless icon! Untold millions? No, not a million, but a good chunk and we're getting excited about picking favorites!
CarrieGouldin said this 3115 days ago.
meaningless icon! Are there more favourite entries or are these the favourite three?
Brood said this 3113 days ago.
meaningless icon! Cannot find my way to see the entries or is it a forbidden zone until after dead-line?
Schioldann said this 3102 days ago.
meaningless icon! hay wasant this supposed to end yesterday
captaincanada said this 3089 days ago.
meaningless icon! ok so wen do we finout who the top 20 are
captaincanada said this 3088 days ago.
meaningless icon! Score: 1 Impatient entrants, cast ye eyes here! We've just alerted the finalists of the Brick Construction Shirt contest via email that their entries have been passed on to Nathan Sawaya, and we're working on our Electronic Guitar shirt video picks to send along to Neversoft. Brick Shirt winners will be notified on or around April 1, 2010, and Guitar Shirt winners will be notified on or around April 15, 2010.
CarrieGouldin said this 3074 days ago.
meaningless icon! are you gona post the top 20 on the blog
captaincanada said this 3073 days ago.

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