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Postcard from New York

This past weekend, a small away team of ThinkGeekers were beamed down to New York to host a tweetup at Barcade Brooklyn and man a booth at the WIRED pop up store where we had a Tauntaun and some other items on display.

By "tweetup" we mean "stand around and drink beer and play video games," and by "man a booth," we mean fly R/C devices, make a lot of noise with the Bliptronic and Guitar Shirt, and convince kids to draw us t-shirts.

We are good at all of these things, and had fun meeting people in IRL. Thanks to those (@joblesspirate, @theyogamonkey, @juintz, @hoskie, @marktabry, @Lauren_joy, and @thomasmmc to name a few) who braved the cold and came out to say hullo!

Here's the photographic evidence. (Sorry we couldn't get more pics at Barcade; it was dark and we didn't bring a camera that wasn't also a mobile device!)

See more pics and a short video from our adventure.

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meaningless icon! My god...so many trendy young people. The person-to-twitteraccount ratio must have been nearly 1/1.
etherknight said this 3167 days ago.
meaningless icon! ccooolll
Nath8888 said this 3162 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hope you had fun.
atterratt said this 3154 days ago.
meaningless icon! Looks like fuin, and those are some damn good pics for coming from a mobile device.
skerry said this 3147 days ago.
meaningless icon! Um, skerry, this is Think Geek, what did you expect? The proper response is not awe of the picture quality, its wondering if the mobile device is available on the site! :P
Hinako said this 3139 days ago.
meaningless icon! Pax Vobiscum, monkey babies.
abuelita said this 3139 days ago.

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