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December 2009 Archives

This past weekend, a small away team of ThinkGeekers were beamed down to New York to host a tweetup at Barcade Brooklyn and man a booth at the WIRED pop up store where we had a Tauntaun and some other items on display.

By "tweetup" we mean "stand around and drink beer and play video games," and by "man a booth," we mean fly R/C devices, make a lot of noise with the Bliptronic and Guitar Shirt, and convince kids to draw us t-shirts.

We are good at all of these things, and had fun meeting people in IRL. Thanks to those (@joblesspirate, @theyogamonkey, @juintz, @hoskie, @marktabry, @Lauren_joy, and @thomasmmc to name a few) who braved the cold and came out to say hullo!

Here's the photographic evidence. (Sorry we couldn't get more pics at Barcade; it was dark and we didn't bring a camera that wasn't also a mobile device!)

See more pics and a short video from our adventure.

When we came into the office yesterday, evil Captain Kirk and his rag tag band of Tribbles had taken over the new arcade claw machine--and taken Timmy hostage inside! Witness ye the horror:


The worst part? Kirk says to save Timmy, we must declare him as the best captain ever. What will Picard think?

Timmy is usually the evil genius around here, so we're not quite sure how to handle this situation. We'll post updates here as events unfold.

UPDATE, 12/4 11:00 am: Timmy's still in evil Kirk's clutches, but the STTNG crew has been holding a clandestine meeting for the last hour or so, and apparently Spock's been sited near the claw machine. What could be afoot!?

UPDATE, 12/4 3:00 pm: Captain Picard and his team swing into action! But will they take evil Kirk down!?


UPDATE 12/4 11:00pm: Timmy is saved! Here's what happened: Timmy refused to cave to Kirk's demands and call him the best captain ever (as if), and we knew Kirk wouldn't back down as long as he was transfixed by his reflection in the claw machine's front panel. And unfortunately we don't have any green Barbies around the office. (Thanks for the suggestions, though!) So it all came down to Picard and his crew: Wesley, Data, Geordi, and a rogue band of facehuggers.

And Picard didn't even demand that Timmy call him the best captain ever. This may, in fact, make him the best captain by default. We'll let you decide.


We're often asked when we'll open a physical store in a mall near you. The answer is: we never liked malls as much as our computers. 'Cause we're geeks. And that's what we do.

But if, for instance, WIRED asked us to put a few items in their NYC popup store for the holidays, we'd say O YES THAT SOUNDS FUN.


And so we shipped off a Tauntaun Sleeping Bag and Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt to 415 West 13th Street so they could see the big city. If you're in the Meatpacking District between now and December 27th, you should stop by to say hello to our toys--but you can't buy them there. It's a store but not really. (Watch the NY1 story where the anchor [kind of] rocks out the guitar shirt.)

A small contingent of ThinkGeek monkeys are going to stop by for a visit on Saturday, December 12th during the GeekDad event from 1:00 to 2:30pm and you should come! We're scheduled to talk a little about ThinkGeek's august history, show off some goodies, and referee a t-shirt brainstorming event with the kids. It'd be lots more fun if our NYC pals turned out for the event, so you're all very cordially invited.

If you're more into hanging out over beers and old school arcade cabinets, we're also hosting a tweetup/geekout on Friday, December 11th at Barcade Brooklyn at 9:00pm. Donkey Kong or two player Tetris, anyone? The details:

Friday, December 11th
9:00 pm @ Barcade Brooklyn
388 Union Ave., Brooklyn, NY, b/t Ainslie St & Powers St

Saturday, December 12th
1-2:30PM @ Geek Dad Event, The WIRED Store
415 West 13th St, NYC, b/t 9th Avenue & Washington St

Hope we'll see you in New York!