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Rock it out or brick it up to win!

It's the most wonderful time of the year: when we run a zillion contests just to ploy you into entertaining the internets with your creativity and multi-faceted awesomeness. And in that spirit of sharing, we proudly present:

The ThinkGeek Electronic Guitar Shirt Contest!!

We already know you rock. But do you RAWK!? We're calling on all wanna-be wailers to shred an Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt in a YouTube music video.

The rules are simple, just like power chords: shoot a video of you rockin' out our Electronic Guitar shirt, playing whatever music you like (even with a band, if that's how you roll), upload the video to YouTube, and give us the url by January 15th, 2010.

The first prize rocker will win a $500 ThinkGeek gift certificate, a Super Bundle of Band Hero gear from the folks at Neversoft, a spot on our homepage, and our undying fanchimp admiration. Second place will snag a Guitar Hero bundle, Eviltrons, a Plush Beating Heart, a Heavy Metal t-shirt, and a $250 gift certificate; third place will win a Cantina Band t-shirt and a $100 gift certificate.

Visit the contest page for more details and the entry form. Thrash, glam, punk, pop, we'll take it all. Just do our fragile psyches a favor and make sure you're fit enough for the leather pants, okay?

The ThinkGeek Brick Construction Shirt Contest!!

Sure, Nathan Sawaya may be able to build pretty much anything on the planet out of bricks, but you've got some mad skillz too, right?

Now's your chance to prove it, 'cause the baron of the brick has come on board as an honorary ThinkGeekling for our first-ever Brick Shirt Contest.

Here's what you do: grab a 14x20 stud plate and go crazy on a pile of LEGO(TM), PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, or K'NEX Bricks(TM). Be creative, but don't include other stuff (like twigs, rodents, or dairy products) and be sure you get a photo of your entry to us by January 15, 2010.

The prize for first place is a custom brick sculpture by Mr. Sawaya himself and a $500 ThinkGeek gift certificate. The second place winner will receive a $250 gift certificate and a 1,200 piece set of Pixel Blocks; third place will win a $100 gift certificate and a Glennz LEGO Evolution t-shirt.

Visit the contest page for more details and the entry form. Happy bricklaying!

But wait, for there is more from which these contests came from! Don't forget about our very sad, very blank wall over in Customer Service monkey land.

Let's Wall of Awesome Happy for ThinkGeek!!

To help alleviate the depressing effects of taupe, we're turning it into The Wall of Awesome Happiness, and we'd like to slap your postcard on it! Each week the monkeys will choose their favorite postcard, whose creator will win a $50 gift certificate and a spot in our newsletter. We've received a pile already but there is much, much more wall to go!

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meaningless icon! Although I can't win cash as I am an Aussie living in the UK, if you like my card the best, can you send me a postcard back? That'd be so Shatner of you! xx
JellyCrystals said this 3490 days ago.
meaningless icon! JellyCrystals, maybe! But we're not able to reply to everyone, so don't camp out by your mailbox just yet.
CarrieGouldin said this 3485 days ago.

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