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Open letter from Mr. F.M. Tauntaun

Hey guys. Tauntaun Sleeping Bag here.

You might've heard from Consumerist, Gizmodo, Topless Robot or @guykawasaki that I've arrived safely at the ThinkGeek mothership. Who knew a few unboxing photos could stir up so much jibber-jabber?

I just wanted to check in on my journey from Hoth to Realitytown to let you know that all is well at ThinkGeek and they're being very nice, despite being a bunch of over-caffeinated monkeys.

They even treated me to a lunch of fungus and mushrooms that were growing inside their fridge. But I think that was an accident.

For right now, I'm keeping busy with WoW and helping Customer Service answer the phone (I like to pitch in) but I can't wait for my fellow Tauntauns to show up. I'm getting lonely. I mean, I love the attention, being the first one here, but it's not the same.

And from what I can tell, I'm not the only one waiting for my friends to show up. If you want news and photos, you can sign up for email updates here.

So thanks for all the well-wishing, and I'll keep you posted on what's happening here at ThinkGeek HQ!

Yours, stinkily, 

First Manufactured Tauntaun

P.S. Apparently you can compete for me by entering ThinkGeek's Halloween Pumpkin Template Contest, and you've got until 10/29/09 to submit an entry. (Check out some of my favorites below--including one of me!)

Han on Tauntaun by pchanrocks

MST3K silhouette by danhojan

Twenty-sided by backslashdave

And a few more photos, post-unboxing...

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meaningless icon! It won't really be $99 will it?
Clawbitzsky said this 3534 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hey, I think your site is the bees knees! No I'm just joking, it's better than the non-existent anatomical part of a bee, it's great for sci-fi fans, gamers , and geeks alike. Which made me wonder.......... Have you guys ever thought of going from a catalog to a full fledged magazine? Your website combines the coolest of the cool, and I have a hunch that more than one member of your staff would have great insights on games, sci-fi movies and shows and the such. This site and your catalog makes me say out loud, "I wish I worked there" because of the witty emails, and the cool and stylish products. You guys could even do product reviews for a broader range of products. Promise me you'll think about it? Good, that was easy, you're easily convinced. Let me know what you guys do. Julius M. Johnson P.S. - Nicknames are for cowards! and furries.
Julius M. Johnson said this 3482 days ago.

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