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Thanks for 10 Awesome Years!

caketimmy.jpgThis August marked the 10 Year Awesomeversary of the monkey horde known as ThinkGeek.

In case you missed out on the celebrations, including our super exclusive zombie Timmy collectible limited quantity t-shirt (see happy torsos at bottom of post), you can relive some of the 10-year magic through our party pics. We'd send you a slice of our beautifully geeky Charm City cake but ... we gobbled that thing up pretty quick.

FYI, it didn't taste like Duff. Not that we'd know or anything.

Also: Our Random Happiness Machine XR42 has finally crunched the numbers and spat out (on tractor feed fanfold paper) the winnars of the ThinkGeek 10 Year Awesomeversary Sweepstakes of Win!

And, they are, in order of luckitude:

1ST PRIZE: Christopher Maidt of Edmond, Oklahoma, who wins:
  • $1200 ThinkGeek shopping spree
  • Tauntaun sleeping bag prototype
  • A spot on homepage for a day
  • A batch of homemade cookies made by staff (flavors TBD)
  • Small box of random doodads

sleestack.jpg2ND PRIZE: Troy Topp of Calgary, Alberta, who will hopefully enjoy:
  • $500 ThinkGeek shopping spree
  • His likeness on a future ThinkGeek shirt
  • Random TG office decorations, including 10" vinyl sleestack (pictured) w/ bonus Mardi Gras beads
  • 22 old Atari 2600 cartridges

3RD PRIZE: Robert Cannon of Winter Springs, Florida, who cannot wait to receive:
  • $250 ThinkGeek shopping spree
  • His likeness incorporated into a future YouTube video
  • Pre-ripped wearable action hero cotton vest tee
  • Signed photo of Cisco, office dog extraordinaire

We hope the prizes--some of which are, let us be honest, ridiculously delicious--show our gratitude for letting us keep our lil' ol' website on the interwebs for so long. It's been a great 10 years and we hope for a trillion million more. Thanks, d00ds!


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meaningless icon! I DIDN'T WIN WAHHHH
tocf said this 3267 days ago.
meaningless icon! How did you enter!?:(
Nerdy Joe said this 3267 days ago.
meaningless icon! You're welcome.
Unavailable said this 3265 days ago.
meaningless icon! Awwww...
IRManGuy said this 3263 days ago.
meaningless icon! I scored the plush Zombie last time. I wonder if I was even eligible to win this at all? Anyhoo, here's to another 3652.425 days!
etherknight said this 3262 days ago.
meaningless icon! I didn't get any news of this ended. I still had hopes until I had to look up about this. I guess I have to sign up for the news letter again.
ic_rocks said this 3261 days ago.
meaningless icon! happy for the winners, so very sad for myself. I cry now.
wordswordswords said this 3254 days ago.
meaningless icon! Glad to see you guys rockin' another 10 years! I keep looking to see if you're hiring any ITSEC folks... =) Love ya!
jeremylivin said this 3247 days ago.
meaningless icon! I just want to say that I have never been so satisfied as I was with your prompt delivery of the Gigantor Digital Photo Frame. I ordered it 9/30/09 and it came 10/2/09, and oh what a surprise. I absolutely love it. It is georgeous. Quality is excellent. You bet I will order again from your website. I was so happy with it that tears came to my eyes. Thanks again for my beautiful frame.
carolinapenn said this 3244 days ago.
meaningless icon! Stumbled in to Geekdom, happily so by following another link in Cyberwonderland. Found exactly what i was seeking: your hands free auto visor Blutooth for my cell phone. Freedom at last! Works great;sound quality marvelous! But best of all, your price is less than HALF of what Verizon wanted for their model [out of stock & couldn't tell me when next ones would be in!]. My wish list grows longer & longer: for special friends who you can't shop for at any "regular" store. {& myself as well] Congrats on the past decade, live long & prosper; glad you got a good pic of Duff & co's fab cake (just makes me wish i had a crumb). by His grace, for continued success, f5fz
Fronzewood Phantom said this 3238 days ago.

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