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2009 SysAdmin Pageant Winners!

When we asked you guys to nominate your favorite sysadmins to our pageant, we didn't expect the tsunami of entries that followed. Among the 1,000-plus nominees: a sysadmin who repaired a broken Slurpee machine that got in the way of refreshment after a hard day, one who braved raw sewage in waders and a respirator, one who brought in bacon-chocolate-chip cookies and made mojitos, one who launched himself onto a server rack to shield it against a leak in the ceiling, and one who defended her email server by redirecting junk mail from one spammer to another (not an approach we necessarily condone...at least, not in public where our lawyers can see).

sysadmin-kingandqueen.jpgIn breaks from refactoring large swaths of the ThinkGeek website source code to get it ready for this week's big re-launch, when we probably should have been sleeping, we codemonkeys read every one of your submissions and narrowed it down to a handful for the whole office to vote on. Then we wrote a little ballot-counting script using many a sysadmin's best friend, Perl. Its surprisingly verbose output (we didn't even use -v!) is as follows:

In recognition of his stamina, humility, and dedication, ThinkGeek's 2009 SysAdmin Pageant SysKing: His Most Excellent Majesty Keith Schincke of Dickinson, Texas (nominated by his wife, Sandra Schincke).

SysKing Keith's qualities of character were best exemplified when Hurricane Ike struck Houston last year. He and his family endured a week without power or hot water so that he could brave the receding floodwaters by car and then, when the roads became unpassable, by bicycle, to secure and power up the servers at NASA's Johnson Space Center.

In honor of her forbearance, diplomatic ability, and mettle, ThinkGeek's 2009 SysAdmin Pageant SysQueen: Her Most Gracious Majesty Ginger Spencer of Inglewood, California (nominated by coworker Jay Gerber)

SysQueen Ginger's qualities of character were shown on many occasions, from bridging relations between far-flung and sometimes adversarial regional offices, to waiting hours in the dark without any promise from the power company for the moment power would be restored so she could bring systems up as soon as possible, to arranging her IT manager's first interruption-free vacation in 20 years by coordinating staff to change escalation procedures.

Congratulations to our SysKing and SysQueen! Live long and prosper, Your Majesties!

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meaningless icon! What great choices!
wifikyla said this 3326 days ago.
meaningless icon! second.
xodusprime said this 3326 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hurrah!
Ruggerducky said this 3326 days ago.
meaningless icon! I agree with wifikyla!
ThorTheNinja said this 3326 days ago.
meaningless icon! Only in Great Britain and in a few other monarchies - where there is no King - is the Queen mentioned first! It is ALWAYS the King and Queen in that order! I have never heard about the Queen of the M0onkeys!!!!!!!!!!
Toebonian said this 3326 days ago.
meaningless icon! But to achieve such an honor at such a youthful age is something to be noted by allLL Congratulations!!!!
Toebonian said this 3326 days ago.
meaningless icon! Awesome contest, will have to keep my eyes open for the next one!
robe1221 said this 3326 days ago.
meaningless icon! Can we get a list of finalists? We'd like to give big monkey cheers for all of them.
Ruggerducky said this 3326 days ago.
meaningless icon! Congratz.
IRManGuy said this 3325 days ago.
meaningless icon! they deserved it!!
B10H4Z4RD said this 3325 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hey! No one told me my hubby won! No worries, I gave all of his co-workers a link to this page. When His Most Excellent Majesty gets over his embarassment, he will be pleased. I really should have told him about the nomination...
ladlylost said this 3325 days ago.
meaningless icon! I work with Keith here at NASA. It is good to see his recognized for all his geekieness! Congratulations Keith!
NobleBOFH said this 3325 days ago.
meaningless icon! So are we having blog comment issues? Or did @ladlylost and @NobleBOFH just get a little over zealous and comment multiple times on purpose?
etherknight said this 3324 days ago.
meaningless icon! Apparently if you hit the refresh button, your comment reposts. Ah well, that is what the feedback button is for...
ladlylost said this 3324 days ago.
meaningless icon! Hey ladlylost -- congratulations! We tried to email you -- maybe there was a problem? Please check your spam bin just in case your junk mail filter figured that a notice about winning a contest was likely to be junk. =) If you can't find it, please email me at jacob@thinkgeek.com.
Jacob said this 3323 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thanks for resending the email! I finally found it buried in my Spam folder. I also won a foreign lottery and have zillions waiting for me if I help a person stranded in Nigeria. Aren't I lucky? :)
ladlylost said this 3321 days ago.
meaningless icon! I am happy I won. My wife and neighbors informed me of my entry into the contest and the winning on the same day. I am working on using my gift certificate. ;)
colonwq said this 3317 days ago.
meaningless icon! Congratulations to the sysqueen and sysking! :)
jsloan1223 said this 3303 days ago.
meaningless icon! Thank you to everyone for this honor. When my boss told me he nominated me and I won, I was shocked and humbled. I recently had the opportunity to use my gift certificate and I'm waiting excitedly for my awesome Think Geek goodies :)
Meowyone said this 3298 days ago.

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